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David Bromstad Style Lounge

A Golden Debut:

Introducing Bromstad Home for Grandin Road.

The flappers loved it. The moderns loved it. Even your grandparents loved it. It’s gold, of course, the most precious of metals. And though it beguiled ancient civilizations, in more recent times, gold has been design’s color non grata, solidly off-trend since the late'80s.

"Gold just fell off the face of the earth," says artist, designer and HGTV star David Bromstad. Today, however, the shiny is back and glittering with a vengeance. "She’s awesome. She’s Fabulous. And she’s more beautiful than ever,” Bromstad says. And technology has played a large role in gold’s resurgence. "Gold is being used in a much more   modern way, mixed to make subtle tones, or     ramped up for a brassy look, and even mixed       with pinks and greens."

The midas touch

Make no mistake: David digs gold. Bromstad has mined the luxurious metal—along with copper, silver and bronze—into a sizeable chunk of his new furniture collection, Bromstad Home for Grandin Road. From his chairs to mirrors, poufs to rugs, Bromstad’s collection glows with gold’s warmth and glamor.

And with good reason: according to Bromstad, gold creates a mood of warmth in any room—and goes with almost anything. “On the one hand, gold says luxury,” Bromstad says. “ But it also represents the sun. And everyone loves a sunny day. When you see gold in a room, it’s just human nature to be drawn to it.”

The right way and the wrong way to decorate
with gold.

Is there a wrong way to decorate with gold? “Absolutely,” Bromstad says. The wrong way to use gold, silver or any metallic is to stick to just one tone. “A lot of people are into this matchy-matchy thing,” David says. “If you have silver in the room, then this thinking goes, you have to have everything the exact same silver color. But that’s completely false.”

Instead, David recommends mixing metallic tones. “I love mixing metals just like I love mixing colors,” he says. He suggests home decorators play with different tones of gold, or mix gold with silver, gold with copper. Even mix shiny golds with matte golds. “It’s like looking at a tree,” he says. “You don’t just see one color of that tree; you see light greens all the way down to dark greens. Now take that basic concept when you are putting a room together: use many shades of one color, and your room is going to look fabulously designed.”

Harrison Chair in Surf VelvetBella Ottoman
Mix warm gold with cooler colors like greens, blues and purples.

Or take a different route: pair a warm gold accent with cooler tones like greens and blues or purples. In David’s new collection, he suggests mixing one of his favorite pieces, the Harrison Chair in either blue or pink, with a gold accent like the Aires side table or the bold Gold Bella Ottoman. “Mixing cooler tones with gold—now that’s going to make such a statement. And you definitely want to make a statement with gold.”

Take Bromstad’s Gold Cloud Rug. “It comes in this natural, soft metallic, not the crazy mirror gold,” he says. “It feels delicious under your feet. I mean really, who doesn’t want to be swimming in a pile of gold? I know I do. I want to be like Richie Rich. That’s exactly what it feels like to walk across this rug.”

When it comes to walls, all that glitters is not gold.

What about painting a room with gold? “I have a huge issue with this,” Bromstad says. “Painting metallic on a wall should only be done by a professional. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way.” According to Bromstad, if your walls have any flaws, they will show through when you roll or spray any metallic colors. Rather than paint, Bromstad suggests using a gold wallcovering instead. Now that said, if you do want to give metallic paints a try, he recommends NovaColor. “It’s the super pigmented paint Disney uses for all their indoor and outdoor attractions.”

Hearkening back to the Golden Years.

One of the great things about gold’s re-invention today is how technology has made gold affordable for all. “Gold will always represent luxury and wealth,” Bromstad says. “That’s why gold was traditionally used in opulent, over-the-top places. But today, you don’t have to be rich to have something luxurious.” And for a good start, view the new collection, David Bromstad Home by Grandin Road.

David Bromstad is an artist, design personality and television host. He is the original winner of HGTV Design Star, which led to his role as host and designer on his first hit series for HGTV, Color Splash. He is the owner of the Miami-based design firm, David Bromstad Designs, which provides services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. A creative force, David has a devoted following on social media, including 70,000+ fans on both Pinterest and Facebook. This is his first home décor collection for Grandin Road.

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