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Q&A With David Bromstad

In which we discuss moments of whimsy, matchy-matchy design and american quality with the popular designer.

David Bromstad Harrison Chair

David Bromstad is an artist, design personality and television host. He is the original winner of HGTV Design Star, which led to his role as host and designer on his first hit series for HGTV, Color Splash. He is the owner of the Miami-based design firm, David Bromstad Designs, which provides services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. A creative force, David has a devoted following on social media, including 70,000+ fans on both Pinterest and Facebook. This is his first home décor collection for Grandin Road.

Tell us the story behind David Bromstad
Home by Grandin Road.

I've been dreaming about my own furniture collection since I was 18-years old. In fact, I did television for one reason and one reason only—so that one day I could have my own furniture and accessories collection. I knew that going on TV would give me the name recognition to pursue this dream.

Since an early age, though, I knew I had a passion for working in the home. Maybe it's because I'm from Minnesota. See, in Minnesota you’re in your house a lot. Like 7 months out of the year. Like permanently (laughs). So the home has to be comfortable. Growing up, I painted murals in people's houses. And I realized, "Oh my gosh, this is just something that I love doing." This new home décor collection with Grandin Road is literally that dream come true. I’m blown away that this is even happening.

Why partner with Grandin Road?

David Bromstad Harrison Chair

Teaming up with Grandin Road has been fantastic. A lot of that’s because Grandin Road is this fun and eclectic brand. What attracted me to Grandin Road is that their customers are more daring than most. And they love color. I mean, Hello! I'm daring. I love color. What could be a more perfect match?

Seriously, when Grandin Road approached me for this project, it was at the right time in my career — I'd been on TV long enough for people to know my name. Now that David Bromstad Home by Grandin Road is coming out, I am so proud of what we have achieved. I really hope everyone loves it as much as I do. Just look at it. Everything looks fabulous. And you know what? It also looks really expensive—but it's not expensive at all. And the quality is impeccable.

Any theme of themes that pull your
collection together?

That's what I didn't want - themes. And that's on purpose. I wanted to teach people how to put furniture together and not be matchy-matchy. I wanted to show that you can have different styles of couches with different styles of chairs—and it looks amazing. I also wanted to create an eclectic feel, one that fits comfortably in any space—modern, traditional, French country, any space. Ultimately, I want everyone to look at the collection and go— that can work in my house.

But yes, there is always one element that ties things together. For me, there always has to be that fun element, and that could be a coffee table, a bunch of pillows, or a piece of art. There should always be a moment that will make you smile. I mean, if you can't walk in a room and smile, then you need to put something in there that does.

David Bromstad

So, what are some of the smile-making pieces in
your collection?

Oh my gosh, the pouf, the artwork, the octopus table, and just look at those elegant glass pendants—they remind me of the mid-century glass that I collect. But my pendants are an updated version. Cluster them together, and they really make a statement. And I just love statement pieces. You always need at least one in every room!

All but one of your chairs are made right here in
America. Why was that important to you?

It was important to keep as much of the process here in America. For one, it stimulates the economy. And who doesn’t love that? But it also allows us to keep an eye on the quality. Buying a chair or couch, it’s one of the more expensive purchases you are going to make, so the Grandin Road team and I wanted high quality. To that end, we hired the top people in the industry to make our upholstery. And let me just say the quality turned out impeccable. I was shocked and thrilled and amazed when I first saw the quality of the upholstery.

An observation: you have lots of animals in the collection - an octopus table, a plaid deer painting, and the aires coffee table. You had your collection shot in a barn? even included a cat and a chicken in the photo shoot. What gives?

David Bromstad

I love animals. If you look at ColorSplash [David's HGTV series], not an episode went by where I didn't hang a deer head or a moose head, or an antelope head. I'm animal head crazy. It goes back to the Egyptians worshipping cats and cobras. I love animal shapes—they are relatable because they come from the earth. They're also just whimsical and fun. Take my Octopus table—I'm sorry, but it's genius. It's that whimsy moment that makes you go, "Whoa, I need that. It's super cool." It's one of those pieces that makes you smile, but it's not over the top, and it’s beautifully timeless.

Maybe it goes back to growing up in a farm town in the Midwest. It's a huge part of me. So when it came time to photograph the collection, I wanted to do it in an old barn. The collection is so beautiful and polished, I thought the barn would be the perfect place to show it off against the roughness of a barn. I mean we have hay bales in the background!

Got a favorite piece in the collection?

Ohhhh, that's an unfair question! I love the Harrison chair. It's so cozy; you can put your legs up on the side of it. And it comes in nine different colors. Nine! But my favorite piece has to be the Octopus table. Put that in any room - inside or out - and people are just going to smile. It's fun and it will never go out of style. The same goes for all the collection. It's timeless. nothing will go out of style.

People ask you all the time about your style. But how does the "Bromstad style" come through in this collection?

This home collection really helped me refine my style. I'm about taking pieces that are timeless and beautiful—adding on a whimsical touch—and tying it all together with great pops of color. That's my signature style. Never matchy-matchy. And always delivering an unexpected moment. And of course, you have to have a piece of art that ties the room together. If your room is too serious, you need to buy a fun piece of art. Hello, buy some lips. Buy the Aires Coffee Table. It pops, people. It's the moments of whimsy that bring it all together.

You've said you like to take tradition and give it a twist. What's the twist here?

It's those whimsy moments we've talked about. The Grandin woman is a confident enough to take chances. That's how I was able to choose nine different shades of fabulousness for the Harrison Chair. Get it in gold or pink. That's the twist that makes a real statement in a room.

Do you have any pieces in your home yet? Or are still waiting to get them yourself?

I'm still waiting, honey, Bring 'em over. I've got space. I'm dying to get my hands on those Harrison chairs. But I’m nervous about picking the color. I want absolutely everything in the collection. Each piece has my stamp on it. I love it. Love it. Love it. Did I say that I loved it already?

David Bromstad
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