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Haunted Library

Halloween Haven

Tips & Tricks

Check out the haunted library and read about party ideas, decorating tips, fun facts and more!

Haunted History How exactly did ghosts and goblins come to have their own day of honor? Read more about Halloween History > Outdoor Decorating Ideas Get inspired by our Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas from beautiful harvest habitats to sinister lawn scenes. Read more about Halloween Decorating > Mantel Decorating Guide The mantel is the heart of your room, so dress up that little ledge to celebrate. Read more about Mantel Decorating > Halloween Party Ideas Unearth tips for throwing the best Halloween parties that will have your guests raving. Read more about Halloween Party Ideas > Halloween Costume Origins Discover the history behind the beloved Halloween costume and get inspired with these costume ideas. Read more about Halloween Costumes > How to Care for Halloween Pumpkins Learn how to care for Halloween pumpkins and about artificial pumpkins for your Halloween habitat. Read more about Pumpkins > Ghost Hunting Discover basic indicators that might mean your house is haunted or a ghost is near. Boo! Read more about Halloween Ghosts > Witchcraft and Wizardry Learn about the history of witchcraft and our fascination with one of Halloween’s most iconic figures. Read more about Witches > Graveyards Discover the history of graveyards and learn about famous spooky graveyards you can visit. Read more about Graveyards > Halloween Fun Facts What is the most popular costume? When did Trick-or-Treating begin? Find out here! Read more about Halloween Fun Facts > Hope for the Last-Minute Haunter Here are some last-minute yard-haunting ideas that take less than an hour to accomplish. Read more about Last-Minute Haunting > Decorating Your House and Yard: It’s Theater! Think of your yard as a short series of scenes, much like a play. Read more about Theatricalizing Your House and Yard >
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