Your Privacy Choices

You are making a privacy rights request. By submitting this one request, we will fulfill it for all Cornerstone Brand companies, including Ballard Designs, Frontgate, Garnet Hill, and Grandin Road. Depending on your state of residence, these rights may vary. With each request we will comply with the laws that apply to you, and verify your identity as required to protect your personal information and choices. Please see the privacy policy or details on your state. Broadly, the rights that may be available are as follows:

  • Opt-out of:
    • Sale: do not sell other companies your personal information to use for their own purposes
    • Targeted Advertising: do not combine personal information across companies so that ads can be shown to you on other sites
    • California combines Sale and Targeted Advertising as “Do not sell or share my personal information”, so California residents will be opted out of both upon a “Do not sell or share” request
  • Access to a copy of your personal information (also known as a right to know or a portability request)
  • Deletion of your personal information
  • Correction of personal information
  • Appeal to a previous rights request