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Three easy ways to add style to your bathroom
Improving your bathroom doesn't have to mean a huge renovation. It can be as simple as refreshing your towels or adding teak bathroom furniture to add more functionality and storage.

Bathroom towels: Bath towels get a lot of use. A well-made towel is amazingly durable, but between everyday use and frequent washings, you may need to replace them about every two years. If your towels have lost their softness and absorbency or if they retain a musty odor after washing (or regain it after just one use), it's time to replace them. Plus, new towels are an easy way to bring gorgeous, up-to-date colors into your bath.

Bath accessories: It's truly amazing what these cosmetic fixes can do to elevate the look of your bathroom vanity. An attractive tissue holder, soap dispenser, and tumbler transform the look from generic and disposable to classic and enduring.

Bathroom furniture: Teak bathroom furniture can make your bathroom feel like an upscale spa. These naturally water-resistant pieces also add functionality. Whether you use it for seating, shelving, or storage, teak bath furniture is a versatile addition.