How to Decorate a Magical Halloween Mantel for Less

Halloween Mantel Indoor Decor
The completed Inspirational look, and our point of reference

If you ask us, half the fun of Halloween mantel decorating is taking a great idea and instilling it with your individual sense of style. Making it your own. There’s just so much joy in looking at the results of a completed project and knowing that your creativity—no matter how well developed you feel it is—played a part. “Absolutely… I did that!”

With this in mind, we have some out-of-this-world tips to share for quickly and easily transforming any mantel from the everyday to the bewitchingly beautiful. We’ll talk about the ultimate display we’ve created for inspiration, then how to tailor it to perfectly suit your space, taste, and budget. BTW: you don’t even need a mantel in your home to give it a try. Just apply these same simple design principles to a shelf or console table and any expanse of wall.

You’ll be overcome with the decorating spirit and jumping to get started in 3… 2…

3 | the focal point for your Halloween mantel

A generously proportioned, dynamically designed centerpiece catches the eye and provides an anchor for complementing embellishments—we’ll construct the scene around it.

Candy Wreath
Candy Wreath, $199

Inspirational: Our sweet designer Candy Wreath is the start of something special. Its impact has been magnified with a clean black picture frame, creating a visual boundary (think spray-painted attic or tag sale find). And lengths of asymmetrically positioned Pre-lit Branch Garland add a natural touch and element of spookiness.

Personal: So many economical alternatives. Swap out the wreath for a flock of our Felt Bats, Script “Beware” display, or a home-crafted witch in silhouette. Anything you love. Frame and garland? Strictly optional.

2 | the foundation

A counterpoint and grounding element to the higher positioned centerpiece. Common, connecting component for the decorative accents that rest on it.

Bats Mantel Scarf
Bats Mantel Scarf, $29

Inspirational: We think the lacy structure of our Bats Mantel Scarf makes it just perfect. Disguising the plain white mantel, while creating a cool black-and-white color contrast. The large bats instantly say Halloween, without making things too scary.

Personal: Try our Bewitching Mantel Scarf, a plain black tablecloth, or multiple lengths of pre-lit Branch Garland to put your special twist on the mantel’s surface.

1 | the fine details

An imaginative brew of varying colors, forms, and textures that creates a visual bridge between the focal point and foundation, enhancing the appearance of both. Most importantly, the dimension these elements bring engages the viewer and draws the eye closer.

Halloween Cone Trees, Set of Three
Halloween Cone Trees, Set of Three, $39

Inspirational: Classic Halloween Cone Trees provide height, while also amplifying the black and orange tones in the wreath. See how the curved shape of the pumpkins softens the straight lines of the cones? Candy vessels are not only a functional design element, but also make the overall vibe more casual and friendly. Note the left-weighted asymmetry of these pieces that cleverly counterbalances that of the branches. Tricky!

Personal: This is where you can really let whatever level of design sensibilities you possess shine. The sky’s the limit, really. More cones? Sure. Add our Harlequin Candles, “BOO” Marquee Letters, or turn your entire mantel into a candy bar filled with treats? No-brainer. Just be certain you’re still working within your chosen color palette, for a cohesive look.

grandinroad is all about ease. And easy is having the freedom to do whatever makes you smile and makes you happy. Just go for it. And once you finish your magical Halloween mantel, snap a quick pic and share it with us on Instagram or Facebook; tag #grandinroad.

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  1. I am absolutely crazy for all of your decoration! Unfortunately for me they’re just too expensive but rightly so. Keep up your fantastic imagination

    1. Hi Cindi! Thanks for reaching out. Our products are designed to stand the test of time, and we believe in the extraordinary value of quality, service and a long-term commitment to both our customers and our products. To be the first to hear about our promotions, please consider joining our email newsletter here:

  2. I love your decor for Halloween. I hav bought so much of your decor and friends ask me where I bought everything. Sure I give them your company name. My little great Neice is 4yrs old. The Witch’s outside coming up the walk way she runs. She is so scared. Last Christmas she came over and would not get out of the car. She thought those witch”s were still there. She is so funny. I moved here from California last year and discovered your store I’ve been so happy to find such lovely decor.

    1. Thank you so much, Gloria! We’re so pleased to hear that you’ve been happy with your Halloween Haven decor!

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