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Tips & Tricks

  • Measure the distance from the floor to the underside of your bar, counter, or table
  • Select a stool size that allows approximately 10" of space between the highest point of the seat cushion and the underside of the surface
  • As a rule of thumb, bar height stools (30" – 36") for a 40" – 46" underside surface measurement
  • Counter height stools (24" – 29") for a 34" – 39" underside surface measurement (the standard height range for a kitchen counter)
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Bar Stool

30" – 36" seat height
Bar stool height-to-counter example

Counter Stool

24" – 29" seat height
Counter stool height-to-counter example


Bar stool height-to-counter example

Tips & Tricks

  • Backless stools keep room sightlines open and tuck easily beneath counters, saving space
  • Stools with backs provide the ultimate in comfort and support for frequent or extended use
  • Choose a swivel stool for easy conversation with lots of guests and simple in/out with no need to scoot the stool away from the bar
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