Indoor Rug Buying Guide

Indoor Rug Size Guide

Living Room

Float furniture on the middle of the rug in larger rooms.
Position front feet just on the edge for smaller spaces.

standard sofa and armchairs Standard Sofa and Armchairs
standard loveseats Standard Loveseats
standard sofa and armchairs Standard Sofa and Airmchairs
small sofa/loveseat and side chairs Small Sofa/Loveseat and Side Chairs

Dining Room

Choose a rug that extends about 24" from all edges of the table.
Allow approximately 12" of floor to show around the perimeter.

6-seat dining table 6-Seat Dining Table
8-seat dining table 8-Seat Dining Table
48" round dining table 48 inch Round Dining Table
60" round dining table 60 inch Round Dining Table


At least 8" of exposed floor between rug and nightstands is a good rule of thumb.
Extend rug a minimum of 12" beyond sides of bed.

queen bed with nightstand Queen Bed With Nightstand
queen bed with nightstands Queen Bed With Nightstands
king bed with nightstands King Bed With Nightstands
twin bed with nightstands Twin Bed With Nightstands


Sometimes a challenge. Simply outline the chosen area in painter's tape and
select the nearest rug size (works in any space).

small entryway Small Entryway
medium/large entryway Medium/Large Entryway
narrow entryway/hall Narrow Entryway/Hall
*Approximate proportions. Final rug size determined by room and furniture dimensions.
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Category:188158-Indoor Rug Buying Guide