Christmas Tree Market

pick your style, make spirits bright

Aspen Pine Flocked Tree

  • Displays ornaments beautifully and is our fullest profile flocked tree
  • A natural woodland look, with generous flocking that still allows the evergreen to show through
  • Included remote control provides easy on/off and eliminates stooping beneath the tree
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Remote Control

Aspen Pine Tree

  • Faithful to the original Aspen Pine, above, but we’ve foregone the flocking for those that love an evergreen’s pure, deep green beauty
  • Included remote control provides easy on/off and eliminates stooping beneath the tree
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Remote Control

Mountain Pine Pencil Tree

  • Slim profile allows it to fit in smaller spaces where an ordinary tree cannot
  • Great value, and makes a perfect second tree in a dining room, entryway, or hall
  • Included remote control provides easy on/off and eliminates stooping beneath the tree
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Remote Control

Snowy Pine Christmas Tree

  • So natural looking; just as if you happened upon it during a snow-blanketed woodland stroll
  • Slightly narrower than our Aspen Pine Flocked Tree, with a tiered structure that invites decorating
  • Gather the family and make it merry
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White Iced Fir Tree

  • White needles with white flocking are a fresh alternative to evergreen; a great way to highlight colorful ornaments
  • Iconic, full profile, for prominent placement in a variety of rooms
  • Three versatile sizes, at a festive value
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Un-Lit Noblis Fir Tree

  • Leave un-lit to celebrate the whimsical shape, or create your own unique lighting design
  • Layered branches make it especially well suited for displaying ornaments
  • Affordable way to freshen up your holiday decorating
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Instant Joy Christmas Tree

  • Ready to decorate in 5 minutes, with stainless steel branches that simply fall into place
  • Easy, one-plug design so there’s no need to plug together individual sections
  • Tallest of our trees, up to a stunning 12’
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Designer-Lit Tree

  • More than 10x the number of lights of most standard trees
  • Unique LED clusters for a brilliant impact
  • Stunning, even undecorated, and creates a showstopping centerpiece for all your celebrations
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Down-Swept Slim Pine Tree

  • Narrowest profile in the collection, making it perfect for your smallest spaces
  • A versatile value, and great additional tree or dramatic grouping of three
  • Striking both decorated and undecorated
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Slim Pine Assortment

Pre-Lit Flocked Alpine Tree

  • Ranging from 2’ to 7’ high, ideal for tight quarters, tabletops, and hallways, to tall corners and living rooms
  • Distinctive, forest-fresh look, with delicate flocking that mimics a fresh mountain snow
  • Definitive best value of the 2018 Christmas tree collection
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Flocked Alpine Assortment

Pre-Lit Green Mountain Fir Tree

  • A dazzling 1,000 lights and 3,135 branch tips on the 9’ size will have eyes all aglow
  • Detailed structure in a perfect silhouette that recalls the joys of Christmases past
  • Put a stunning tree upgrade at the top of your list
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Pre-Lit Davidson Fir Tree

  • Extra lush, impressively luminous
  • Easy, hinged branches of full, rounded tips are designed to form and maintain a classic conical shape
  • Great if you prefer to minimize decorating
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Un-Lit Davidson Fir Tree

  • The same majestic beauty of the Davidson Fir, above, but with the flexibility to trim with your favorite light set, or leave un-lit
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What to look for when buying an artificial Christmas tree

An artificial Christmas tree from Grandin Road means you'll have the perfect tree - year after year. We design our trees with lifelike realism, but also make sure there's plenty of room for all your ornaments.

Just like their natural counterparts, artificial Christmas trees come in many shapes and sizes. Here are five things to consider when purchasing a Christmas tree:

  1. Branches & greenery: Do you like a shorter or longer needle? Fir or pine? Traditional green, snowy flocked, or all white?
  2. Shape: Do you want a full tree or slim tree?
  3. Height: How high are the ceilings in the room?
  4. Lights: Do you want clear/white or colored? How many lights are on the tree? Are they commercial quality? Do you prefer a remote control or timer?
  5. Setup: How easy is it to set up and take down?

At Grandin Road, our wide assortment of unlit and pre-lit Christmas trees ensures that you'll find a fresh-cut look to suit any style, space, or budget. Watch our Christmas Tree Decorating Video for ideas on how to decorate your tree with style.

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