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Decorate your front door all throughout the year with Grandin Road's seasonal wreaths. Browse our large selection of front door wreaths and holiday wreaths that'll add color and personality to any door. During the festive times of the year, decorative wreaths will be sure to add a touch of holiday cheer to your outdoor decor.

Perfect Seasonal Wreaths for Every Time of Year

Timeless and perfect for any season, traditional wreaths are able to be easily customized with many different elements to suit every season and time of year. An autumn wreath from our fall collection, for example, may be created with warm and bright colors reminiscent of autumn while a wintry wreath in our Christmas decor selection featuring frosted greenery and pinecones would be right at home during the end-of-year holidays.

If you like the look of natural wreaths but would prefer a low-maintenance option, our faux wreaths are the perfect compromise. Created from high-quality artificial materials that make each wreath look like the real thing, faux wreaths are wonderful for busy homeowners who love having a wreath but are too preoccupied to constantly replace a natural one.

How to Store Seasonal Wreaths

A classic way to impress your guests when they first arrive at your home, seasonal wreaths are an incredibly versatile decor option that can be used all throughout the year. However, when it comes time to take down the wreath and store it, some homeowners do not know what to do. Below, we'll go over the best way to carefully and easily store your wreath and leave it in perfect condition to be used the next year.

The most important step in storing your wreath is choosing the right storage bag. A bag that offers lots of space and is sturdy enough to not get crushed under other stored items is ideal. Now that your wreath has been placed in a storage container, you'll need to add some padding such as tissue paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts to the bag to prevent your wreath from shifting around during storage. Once this step is done, store your wreath in a shaded area out of direct sunlight, but make sure the area you place it in is not damp or humid since those conditions will risk ruining it as well.

After following the simple steps above, you can help ensure that your beautiful wreath is properly taken care of until the next time you wish to place it on your front door.

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