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Host & Judge Bios


Host & Judge Bios

Watch our Battle of the Bones Halloween video and get ready for a devilishly good time. Lurk on as shockingly talented --- and frightfully funny --- skeletons engage in an on-stage clash for best performer in the (other) world. Starring Halloween Haven’s favorite soul sister, Bone Jet; Scream Rocker Duo; the hauntingly beautiful, Judge Clair Voyant; and many more. Vote for your favorite performance, and you could be one of 5 fans to win a $1,313 gift card! Let the Battle of the Bones begin.

Franco Stein
Your Host Franco SteinHometown: Some tiny burg in Germany with a creepy castle (though he does a wicked American accent) Fast Facts
  • Originally thought he’d be a scientist but the chemistry experiments kept blowing up
  • Monstrously big family with tenuous Hollywood connections

Franco thanks his famous uncle, Boris K., for showing him the ropes in showbiz (he still has his cape). Over the years Franco has played a son, a teenager, a daughter, and on numerous occasions, a bride. He’s had bit parts in many B horror flicks. As a talent-show host, he’s known for glossy hair and his knack for finding talent that has the dead turning over in their graves.

Franco Stein
Franco Stein
Clair Voyant
Judge #1 Clair Voyant Hometown: Claremont Fast Facts
  • Childhood nickname: Little Miss Know-It-All
  • Has actually won numerous acting awards but knew before the judges did that they would screw up the final votes

Clair wants to make it perfectly clair—er, clear—that she’s doing this gig only because she’s between acting jobs. (Okay, so the last one was back in ’08.) She sees a lucrative endorsement contract in her future as the face of makeup that’s gone slightly mad. Clair already knows who the Battle of the Bones winner will be, but she’s hardly going to share it with the likes of us.

Clair Voyant
Clair Voyant
Velma and Evander Marble Busts
Judge #2 Velma and Evander Hometown: Marblehead Fast Facts:
  • They claim ancestry back to the old Romans (though most of them have broken noses)
  • Are philosophically opposed to the use of marble for countertops. And, please, no lost-your-marbles jokes

Velma and Evander like to remind people that “marble busts” rhymes with “marvelous.” And these two are a marvelous pair of judges. They’re stone-cold sober when they work but will try to make their audience crack up just like they do. Even so, they know how to keep a cool head, no matter how heated the competition gets. And they never, ever talk with their hands.

Velma and Evander Marble Busts
Evander and Velma Marble Busts Video
Velma and Evander Marble Busts
Glamorous Cat
Judge #3 Glamorous Cat Hometown: Boca Raton (the fancy Spanish name that means Mouth of the Rat) Fast Facts:
  • The first cat ever to be called a glamour puss
  • Loves oysters on the half-shell and insists you share

Sure, Glamorous Cat had to claw his way to the top, and now that he’s there, don’t think he’s relinquishing his perch. Other than this judging, Glamorous Cat hightails it out of sight during Halloween, when everyone seems to go bonkers over black cats. (Is it because they don’t know how to dress?) Glamorous Cat considers most fellow felines to be nothing but riffraff, and wouldn’t be caught dead near a garbage can.

Glamorous Cat
Glamorous Cat
Glamorous Cat
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