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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Screams

Secrets of our 2013 feature video, "The Witching Hour"

So, just what sort of magic did it take to bring the unearthly characters of our Halloween Haven to life? Lock the doors, pull the shades tight, and allow us to tell you a ghost story.

First, we sent our band of location scouts out into the night to dig up the most fantastically dark and dreary dwelling you could imagine. The spooktacular results? Pinecroft Mansion: The architecturally ominous, 1928 Tudor Revival residence of distinguished inventor, industrialist, and entrepreneur, Powel Crosley, Jr.

Then things really got scary. They appeared, mysteriously, one by one: our coven of witches (crew members). Scurrying here, creeping there...causing a scene in every harrowing hall and spine-tingling study. Then, once the last, wickedly stylish spell had been cast and the performers were all in place... "Action!"

2 frantic days, 28 gallons of fog juice, and countless cackles and shrieks later, the clock crept to 12:00 and, at last, we had reached, "The Witching Hour." BOO!

Most Wanted Items From The Video

The Numbers Are Alarming Lifesize Figures Bone Jet Spiders Spider Webs
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Category:70150-Behind the Scenes
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