Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting

Got Ghosts?
We've feared them, watched for them, and tried to talk with them and meet them. Although science has yet to prove ghosts exist, a whopping 45% of us believe in them, according to a HuffPost/YouGov poll taken in February of 2013. This widespread fascination is especially evident at Halloween. Believers and non-believers alike get a thrill decorating their houses with ghost decorations.

Know Your Ghosts
No one knows for sure what ghosts are, or if they indeed exist. Paranormal experts agree that not all ghosts are the same. A residual ghost is an imprint of an image or sound from the past. It appears at regular intervals or repeats the same series of events over and over again. If an apparition appears, it may seem to walk right through you, without any acknowledgement. By contrast, an intelligent specter is aware of its surroundings and knows what it wants. Some spirits seem to be grounded to a specific property, whereas others are wanderers. The most common spirit manifestation is the messenger ghost, also known as a Crisis Apparition. They show up after a death or a tragic event looking to see how you’re coping, or trying to let you know that they are OK.

Some speculate that ghosts are the energy left behind by an emotionally strong person or highly charged event. Others take a psychological approach that ghosts are a manifestation of our own minds. Yet another theory holds that time and space are not as logical as we imagine, and that a person or event from the past can appear in the present. Or maybe ghosts are hard to see because they vibrate at a much higher speed than we humans do. The science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wondered if ghosts were images created by our brains and sent to our eyes, in the same way our eyes receive images and relay the information to our brains.

Ghost Hunting Basics
Paranormal investigators use the latest technology to capture activity, yet also follow the specific indicators listed below to determine if a site is haunted. If you suspect a haunting, you can follow these guidelines to determine if you need the help of a professional. (Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!)

• Cold spots (not caused by drafts or vents)
• Unexplained noises (is it your heating system, the house settling, or outside noises that carry into the house?)
• Doors or windows that seem to open or close by themselves (poor latches or soft or uneven floors can do this)
• Tapping in the walls (check first for mice and squirrels in the walls)
• The feeling of being watched (paranormal investigators say that naturally occurring electro-magnetic field readings caused by high tension wires or faulty wiring can have this effect)
• Strange behavior in pets (first look for illness, a change in diet, or animals in the walls of the house)
• Voices (eliminate the probability that they're voices from outside your home, like other people's radios or televisions, or even sounds being carried through vents or heating ducts)
• Lights or water faucets turning on or off by themselves (faulty switches or taps?)
• Shadows (can be the result of an optical illusion or the headlights of a passing car)
• Disappearing objects (did you forget where you put it?)
• The feeling you are being touched (low humidity in the house or high E.M.F. readings can cause this sensation)

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