Last-Minute Haunting

Hope for the Last Minute Haunter

Run out of time? You're in luck! It doesn't take much effort to transform your house and yard into a "Halloween House" that kids will remember. Here are some last-minute yard-haunting ideas that take less than an hour to accomplish:

• Never underestimate the power of imagination. Just lighting your porch with Jack-o-Lanterns and opening your front door extra s-l-o-w-l-y can send some trick-or-treaters over the edge. Answer the door in a mask or even a full costume and ham it up. Turn off all the lights in the house and answer the door with a flashlight.
• Pretend to be a prop. Dress up in a full Halloween costume, sit on your porch or by the garage, and be very, very still. When the kids come closer....BOO!!
• Find your creepiest music CD or download some from iTunes and make your own spooky compilation. Then play it loudly from a car parked in the driveway.
• Run an extension cord out of your house and place a flood light at the base of a tree, pointing upward. It will cast weird shadows and give the tree a very menacing look. If you have a colored floodlight, all the better.

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Category:66719-Last-Minute Haunting