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Halloween Ghosts

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Transform your home into a chilling haunted house with Halloween ghost decorations from Grandin Road. Browse spooky and playful ghost decorations to suit your style, with a range of indoor and outdoor Halloween decor to give every corner of your space a Halloween thrill.

Haunt Your Yard with Ghost Decor

Invite your ghoulish friends to haunt their favorite party spot with our collection of unique outdoor ghost decorations, including creepy ghouls and friendly spirits waiting to surprise trick-or-treaters. Arrange ghost yard decor to achieve a unique scene in your front yard, and even introduce window ghosts that appear to be flying out of your home for an extra-expressive flair.

Design the ultimate Halloween yard by pairing your Halloween ghosts with outdoor decorations that light up and scare anyone who dares to cross your path. Light-up ghost decorations illuminate your lawn, while ghost porch decor guides your guests right to your door. Provide your scary Halloween ghost decorations with good company in the form of creepy life-size figures like reapers, witches, and other haunted souls that will invoke more than a few screams.

Bring the Boo! Inside with Indoor Ghost Decorations

Create enchanting indoor room displays that ignite the Halloween spirit with easy-to-install ghost decorations and accents. Cute and comfy ghost pillows pair well with our other indoor Halloween decor that's both spooky and sweet. Grandin Road's Halloween ghost decor makes it easy to craft displays that are just your style. Arrange your indoor ghost decorations beside skeletons and skulls or playful pumpkins on shelves, tables, and your mantel to fill every space with Halloween spirit.

Set a Spooky Scene with Halloween Ghosts

The selection of unique Halloween ghost decor from Grandin Road makes your Halloween home super fun and the ultimate spot for trick-or-treaters. Every collection is carefully curated to give you Halloween decorations packed with personality for a haunted season you'll always remember.

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