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Decorative Pillows

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Define the style of any space with cozy and elegant throw pillows from Grandin Road. Instantly reinvent your room with bright and eye-catching accent pillows, and create unique visual depth by mixing colors and textures. Discover plush throw pillows to complement your living room, bedroom, and more for cozy, chic décor.

Decorative Pillows of All Shapes and Sizes

Throw pillows are some of the most versatile tools for decorating your space, with a range of sizes and styles for plenty of options. Let your creativity reign by mixing and matching a variety of different designs to create a unique feel that's effortlessly you.

The most common shapes for traditional throw pillows are square and lumbar styles. Larger rectangular styles offer a variation on classic decorative lumbar pillows, while unique designs with unique shapes can balance your space. Browse our selection for a wide range of throw pillow shapes, from traditional designs to unique shapes.

Throw Pillows for Any Space

Explore endless options for decorating with throw pillows, from creating visual depth on your sofa to adding a plush and cozy touch to your bedroom decor . Discover the best sizes, shapes, and layering techniques for throw pillows, then browse our selection of colors, fabrics, and patterns to find the perfect addition to any space.


The couch is one of the most popular spots for throw pillows, providing a comfortable touch as well as an elegant feel. The way you arrange throw pillows on your sofas or loveseats is entirely based upon personal taste, but we've got a few tips for tried-and-true style:

  • Create a sense of depth by playing with decorative sofa pillows of different sizes or shapes.
  • For a traditional look, pair two large, square throw pillows with two smaller pillows to lend a sense of balance to your space.
  • For a more contemporary feel, play with an uneven number of pillows in a range of shapes and sizes.

When accenting chairs, you typically have a smaller area to work with, so a single throw pillow helps to define the look. A lumbar pillow can add a simple touch, while also lending comfort and support to your chair. For larger chairs like armchairs and recliners, pairing a lumbar pillow and square pillow offers the opportunity to play with contrast without overwhelming your space or feeling cluttered.

What better place is there for pillows than in the comfort of your bed? Decorative pillows can add a playful visual element that pairs perfectly with your bedding . Explore unique shapes that stand out from your everyday pillows, and discover contrasting materials, like leather, velvet, and fur to add a bold and eye-catching touch with rich texture.

Throw Pillow Collections

Discover effortless decor for every space with throw pillow sets from Grandin Road. Find collections of pillows designed for complementary style, including unique sizes and shapes in corresponding colors and designs. Browse our variety of decorative pillow sets to find the perfect fit for your home, then simply arrange them together or throughout your space for instant style.

Craft comfortable and eye-catching home decor with plush throw pillows from Grandin Road. Browse a range of sizes and styles to add a cozy touch to your living room, bedroom, and home furnishings. Mix and match to create a unique look, or shop collections for an effortlessly unified style.

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