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Decorate your walls and instantly enhance your home's interior with the highly distinct wall decor options available from Grandin Road. Find a large collection of decorative wall decor and wall features that easily add character to any room in your home.

The Highest Quality Decorative Wall Decor for Your Home

Made in a variety of styles from seasonal to dimensional, our canvas wall art is created and designed with the utmost care using the finest of materials including canvas and wood. To add a bit of personality to your walls, our one-of-a-kind hanging wall decor is made from materials that do not simply add texture, but depth to any space while also showcasing your personality to your guests.

Create a Space Uniquely Yours with Decorative Canvas Art & Other Wall Decorations

By adding and hanging wall decor in your home, you can easily add a touch of your personality to each and every room you decide to hang art in. Grandin Road offers many wall decor options include decorative canvas art, metal art and traditional wooden wall decor that pair well with any other existing decorative accents in your home. Transform any space into a stunning work of art with our wall decor options in vibrant colors and incredibly bold designs or opt for more subdued or minimalist choices.

Easily adding style to any room, canvas wall art adds a unique touch to any wall in natural, traditional or contemporary themes (depending on the specific piece). Available in many shapes and sizes, our canvas wall decor options can be effectively used to create a signature statement on your wall or to simply cover up an area of blank space.

Highly popular in many homes, wall mirrors effortlessly add depth to your room and make even the smallest of rooms feel bigger and brighter when placed next to a nearby desk lamp. The mirrors in our wall decor collection come in a variety of shapes and sizes including the ever-popular round mirrors and large rectangular mirrors, too.

Other wall decorations are also available such as wall hooks, clocks and textured wall art created in materials like metal, leather and natural fiber. All of our indoor decorative elements including our indoor greenery can easily be used to draw attention to your favorite wall decor pieces or to simply eliminate an empty spot on the wall. With so many options to choose from, you'll never have trouble finding the perfect wall decor pieces for your unique space.

How to Arrange Wall Decor

With the potential to make a huge aesthetic difference in your home, wall decor is an important, and occasionally confusing, element of decorating your home. However, with the tips below, you'll be able to hang and arrange your wall decor like a pro.

By creating a simple plan as to where to want your wall decor, you can get a great idea of what the wall will look like once everything is hung. While in this first phase, consider the height of each wall decor piece. If you're hanging artwork, be sure to hang it at eye level; this will ensure that you get the most out of the art as possible without having to constantly look up or down.

Once you're ready to start hanging the wall decor, it's important to create a central focal point by placing one or two bigger pieces in the center surrounded by additional smaller pieces. This will draw attention to the wall decor in the middle without leaving out the surrounding pieces.

After everything has been placed on the walls, be sure to test out the wall arrangement and see if everything is placed correctly and according to your preferences. If there is a piece out of place or if you decide you don't like the arrangement, you now know the easy steps to arrange and re-arrange your wall decor to your heart's content.

Discover everything you need to make your walls look their best with the collection of wall decor from Grandin Road. After taking care of the walls in your home, be sure to check out matching area rugs, as well as chairs and sofas, to completely bring the room together.