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Bold Decorative Wall Art

  • Spring Melody Wall Art
    Spring Melody Wall Art

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    You're more wild roses than tidy posy bouquet, playful, quirky, and never too quiet-and you're just the right girl to embrace our Spring Melody Wall Art. This cheerful print on canvas doesn't apologize for being bold, colorful, unexpected, and feminine all at once. Funner yet, look closer for leaflet bits of collage-like text, added as a backdrop by the original artist and enough visual interest to keep you guessing: what's the story? Finished with a ...
  • Birds of Paradise Wall Art
    Birds of Paradise Wall Art

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    Our Bird of Paradise Wall Art is not for the faint of d. Bold brush strokes of oranges, violets, and greens form this flower inspired by the exotic bird of the same name. But here, with bold, masterful strokes and brilliant colors, the artist has created an almost human, dance-like presence. If you're seeking art that invites comment and conversation, look no further. Mounted on a sturdy, lightweight frame for effortless hanging. Wall art depicts ...
  • Happy Heron Wall Art
    Happy Heron Wall Art

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    Against vibrant green coastal grasses (you can almost feel the sun above and hear the waves), the star of our Happy Heron Wall Art stands alert on a windy summer day. His plumage coloring is a rich mixture of creams and grays and blues, set off by a slip of orange and a black feathery crown, as handsome as any shore bird could ever be. This is a print on canvas finished with acrylic accents. ...
  • Beautiful Delight Wall Art
    Beautiful Delight Wall Art

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    A bold, happy piece like our Beautiful Delight Wall Art, especially when placed above a simple furnishing, makes a big (and bright) impression. If you're ready to make a move away from the popular wall gallery movement, this oversized blue bouquet is the perfect way to center a room in one, artful stroke. Look for fine, illustrative line details, and brilliant pops of orange and deep fuchsia-a brushed gel-textured finish adds a one-of-a-kind, authentic tactile ...
  • Olsen Owl Wall Art II
    Olsen Owl Wall Art II

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    With its bold, wintery forest creature theme, our Olsen Owl Wall Art is a wonderful work to introduce to your home during the cooler months and the holiday season, when we return to cozy hearthside living. (That said, it's also such a striking piece to hang all year-round, with its wonderful detail and the feeling of a wise, wild guardian spirit.) Each vertical canvas depicts a half-view of Olsen the Owl, and is sold separately. ...