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Christmas Sparkling Ornament

  • Sparkly All Over Ornaments, Set of 20
    Sparkly All Over Ornaments, Set of 20

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    Our Sparkly All Over Ornament Collection hints at a winter wonderland blanketed with glistening, soft snow. Twenty blown-glass ornaments are each uniquely designed to give your tree a touch of woodland magic, featuring distinct finishes from delicate gold patterning to sprinkles of sugar-like crystals. Arrive in divided box, perfect for out-of-season storage Rounds include: one each of metallic blush, metallic silver, and metallic gold; one white brushstroke finish; one gold brushstroke ...
  • Sugarplum and Pine Ornaments, Set of 20
    Sugarplum and Pine Ornaments, Set of 20

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    Dress your tree in luxury: our Sugarplum and Pine Ornament Collection features twenty unique, blown-glass ornaments, each artfully designed with distinct textural finishes, sparkling touches of gold, and sophisticated hues from traditional crimson and evergreen to deep, rich purple.Arrive in divided box, perfect for out-of-season storageRounds include: one each of metallic blue, metallic gold, and metallic red; one each of metallic red and metallic black, both with flocked striping; one ...
  • Glass Gardening Ornaments, Set of Four
    Glass Gardening Ornaments, Set of Four

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    Those with a Christmas and green thumb will love these adorable Glass Gardening Ornaments. Each deftly crafted from glass, you get four unique shapes in the set: a bumblebee with glittered wings, polka dot rain boots, a watering can, and a sparkling wheelbarrow full of blooms. Display them on a topiary or wreath through springtime. A great gift idea for those who garden. 360 sculpting and detail on bee, boots, and can; wheelbarrow features flat, ...
  • Flocked Ava Cordless Wreath
    Flocked Ava Cordless Wreath

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    Well, hello Ava. Our Flocked Ava Cordless Wreath looks like she all dressed up for the holiday party, a striking display of shimmering gold, black, and soft shades of white. From textural baubles and metal stars, to ribbon, well-placed feathers, frosty greenery, and the glow of 100 sparkling lights, it all glam. Coordinates with our Flocked Ava Cordless Garland (sold separately) Includes khaki-black striped ribbon (not removable) Dimensional metal stars and white feathers Shatterproof ...
  • Frosted Fraser Cordless Wreath
    Frosted Fraser Cordless Wreath

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    Nature best dressing is a light coat of sparkling snow, and our Frosted Fraser Cordless Wreath wears it well. Sprigs of fir are exquisitely replicated and heavily flocked. Warm-white lights glow from within to mimic the frosty sparkle of the winter season. Add your own ribbon or ornaments for a personal touch.Coordinates with our Frosted Fraser Cordless Garland and Urn Filler (sold separately)Long-lasting PVC, PE construction70 warm-white, 5mm lightsPowered by two D batteries (sold ...
  • New Yule Cordless Wreath
    New Yule Cordless Wreath

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    Go modern Christmas without going too minimalist. Our New Yule Cordless Wreath is proof that subtle colorways and updated elements can make it as merry as ever. Pinecones and sparkling lights are still in the mix, but give more presence to magnolia and smoky eucalyptus, along with white and barely-there, pink floral clusters. A look that can live well into winter. Coordinates with our New Yule Cordless Door Swag, Garland, and Urn Filler (sold separately) ...
  • Breckenridge Cordless Wreath
    Breckenridge Cordless Wreath

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    Like its namesake ski mountain town, our Breckenridge Cordless Wreath boasts a simple charm when compared with others in its class. Well-curated cuts of faux juniper, spruce, ponderosa pine, and other alpine greens are densely bundled, and make the perfect complement to just enough tiny, warm-white LEDs to give your space a little seasonal sparkle. Without Christmas tree baubles or colorful ribbon, the simple elegance of this rich, green wreath works just as well fall ...
  • Icy Pine Cordless Wreath
    Icy Pine Cordless Wreath

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    Like a walk down a snowy woodland path, our Icy Pine Cordless Wreath reminds us that nature most simple designs are often the most striking. Realistic, long-needle pine is exquisitely replicated, heavily flocked with hints of authentic pinecones and just a sparkling of micro lights for that frosty forest feeling. Wreath features two power options, choose which works best for you: plug-in adaptor or battery-powered convenience. Coordinates with our Icy Pine Cordless Garland and Staked ...
  • Marvelous Witch Moon Wreath
    Marvelous Witch Moon Wreath

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    Our Marvelous Witch Moon Wreath is so stunningly detailed, guests just may forget to knock. This exclusive, handmade designer wreath depicts the ultimate Halloween diva in the shape of a crescent moon. And she everything you expect: her detailed, wrinkled face has been crafted from resin and skillfully painted by hand. She keeps a watchful eye on the spider that dangles from the end of her hat, his rhinestone web sparkling below. Layer upon layer ...
  • Mercury Glass Pumpkins
    Mercury Glass Pumpkins

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    The iconic ornamental pumpkin curtsies to more feminine whims, this season, with our newest collection of Mercury Glass Pumpkins. Each gorgeous glass pumpkin is topped with a silver-toned metal stem and boasts its own personality: iridescent with pearl-lined ribs; a simple and soft, sparkling, all-over white; and a bolder, more reflective silvered glass with metal-framed ribs. Silhouettes are modeled after actual pumpkins and naturally reflect room light when off, but become dazzling, ...
  • Midnight Raven Wreath
    Midnight Raven Wreath

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    Conjured for a witch welcome, our Midnight Raven Wreath is moody, blue-to-black delightful, with gathered leaves and trailing, silver tendrils that sparkle in the full moon light. What magic is at work here? Just ask the shimmering black raven perched to keep watch for visitors. A dark beauty, to be sure. Attached black polyester fabric bow Coordinates perfectly with our Midnight Leaves Garland (sold separately) Best-quality materials craftsmanship preserve look for years of enjoyment ...