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Front Door Wreath

  • Citrus Floral Urn Filler
    Citrus Floral Urn Filler

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    Give summer a royal welcome with our Citrus Floral Urn Filler. Sunny and cheerful, this lush urn filler features little faux lemons and oranges mingled with realistic-looking faux blooms and green leaves. The juicy burst of coastal color and artificial greenery is all crowned with a gold-toned, pineapple-shaped birdcage accent. Hint, hint: it looks amazing with our matching Citrus Floral Wreath. Your front door will be so happy, and neighbors will admire you. Citrus-themed urn ...
  • McAllister Wreath
    McAllister Wreath

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    Pairing pumpkins with dusty, cool pastels? Forget what you think fall looks like and embrace our McAllister Wreath. The combination of these sweet and edgy elements takes autumn front door decor into a rich and elegant, unexpected place full of colors and textures: delicate hydrangeas and roses; woody pinecone and twig accents; smooth, plump fruits; a smattering of emerald leaves and a touch of gold. Faux elements, so well-crafted and well-placed, you'd swear it was ...
  • Blue Cedar Cordless Wreath
    Blue Cedar Cordless Wreath

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    A more sophisticated design created for general winter season use from late fall through early spring, our exclusive Blue Cedar Cordless Wreath features an updated woodlands concept. The style also works well as an understated choice for the holidays. The luxuriously lifelike design incorporates real pinecones with faux (but realistic-looking) pine tips, blueberries, and eucalyptus leaves, illuminated by 50 warm white LED lights. It's a beautifully naturalistic approach to your wintertime ...
  • 600-light Halloween Wreath
    600-light Halloween Wreath

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    Count them: 600 glowing orange, clustered LED lights circled in eye-popping fashion and spanning two feet in diameter across your front door. Brilliant? Of course, and there's more: set our 600-light Halloween Wreath to run one of eight light effects that include lighting in waves or sequentially, glowing soft, or fading slowly. Brilliant Halloween wreath featuring 600 glowing orange, clustered LED lights 24 inches in diameter and designed for a stunning effect Set it to ...
  • Eerily Enchanted Wreath
    Eerily Enchanted Wreath

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    Floral-and-skull Halloween wreath Elegant jewel tones, metallic skulls Indoor/covered outdoor versatility Ready to hang; metal loop at back A Grandin Road exclusive It's the colors and lush texture of our Eerily Enchanted Wreath that lure you in; it's the shockingly gorgeous skulls that make it such a fatal attraction-so dreadfully lovely, you must have it. Foam skulls are realistically shaped and aged with dark, metallic charm. Get it exclusively at GrandinRoad don't wait until it's ...
  • Haunted Graveyard Wreath
    Haunted Graveyard Wreath

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    Send a subtle shiver up their spine with our Haunted Graveyard Greenery, gruesomely abundant with autumn's elegant color palette. Nature's best heads into winter, gathered in burgundy, scarlet, and dusty orange, with twigs and ghostly white hanging moss. And an unexpected twist: skulls that peek through and bony fingers that look as if they're digging their way out. So gorgeously grim-and just when they said you weren't bold enough for a bit of Halloween fun. ...
  • Dried Golden Wheat Wreath
    Dried Golden Wheat Wreath

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    Our Golden Wheat Wreath brings a touch of classic American beauty to your front door. No ribbons or added embellishments, simply a robust fan of golden blonde wheat, a full 22 inches in diameter enough to center an indoor seating space or add significant harvest curb appeal to your street address. Handmade in the USA, so no two wreaths are exactly alike. A gorgeous way to add texture and subtle, natural color. Wreath handmade entirely ...
  • Witch Leg Stakes, Set of Two
    Witch Leg Stakes, Set of Two

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    Look who dropped in to your wickedly wonderful Halloween display! Each vibrant orange-and-black striped resin leg is topped by a black boot with a curled toe and a golden buckle. Pose them together, however you like, in the garden, beside your front door or in an urn in the entryway they're made to live indoors and out. Whether in your yard or in an urn, this pair of staked witch's legs is sure to declare ...