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Halloween Tree Decor

  • Pre-Lit Spooky Tree
    Pre-Lit Spooky Tree

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    Create a haunted Halloween forest on your lawn, porch, patio, along a path or even in a hallway a group of our pre-lit Spooky Trees is the perfect way to transform any space, indoors or out. Each posable polyvinyl tree gets its gnarled look from tightly wrapped, flexible wire, and glows brightly with orange mini lights. Turn yours on when dusk sets in, and your scene will be set for all that the spirits have ...
  • Tree Face and Arms Set
    Tree Face and Arms Set

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    Surprise trick-or-treaters and guests alike when you transform your trees into a haunted forest with the three-piece Tree Face and Arms Set. Realistic and subtly frightening, each piece is sculpted with a textured finish that resembles real tree bark. The grim face features creepy bulging eyes; each branch-like arm is slightly different from the other. Looking for extra impact? Add a set to each tree in your backyard grove and they'll look as if they're ...
  • Battery Operated Outdoor Twig Tree
    Battery Operated Outdoor Twig Tree

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    Put a designer spin on your Christmas curb appeal using our Battery-operated Outdoor Twig Trees, with light effects. The modern, minimalist design is a fantastic, 21st-century update to the traditional tree. What's more, convenient cordless operation and an eight-function light controller with timer make them a go-anywhere spectacle for all to see. Cordless outdoor twig trees with light effects Each branch is posable and tipped with a bright-shining LED Convenient, 6-hour timer function ...
  • Battery-Operated Orange Micro Lights
    Battery-Operated Orange Micro Lights

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    Add an otherworldly glow to your Halloween decorating like you never have before with our extra-small, extra-versatile Battery-operated Orange Micro Lights. Indoor/outdoor adaptability and no electrical cords to tangle up your creativity. Use them anywhere: wrap garland, railings, or tree branches; drape them over the buffet, animated characters, light fixtures, and more. It's easy to shape the ultra thin, bendable wire, and there's no need for a power outlet. Put a charge into your ...
  • Dark Forest Wreath
    Dark Forest Wreath

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    Put visitors face-to-face with their darkest fears. The grim greeter on our Dark Forest Wreath isn't animated, doesn't speak or make noise, but his green-eyed stare is enough to chill trick-or-treaters to the bone. Highly detailed resin face is designed to look like the bark of a tree and nestled among faux fern, faux succulents, and real moss and twig accents, for a subtle scare to the unsuspecting (maybe the best kind) fun way to ...
  • 5' Skeleton Figure
    5' Skeleton Figure

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    No bones about it this is one realistic 5 ft. Skeleton. With a frightening level of detail, our durable plastic fellow is hand-painted and hinged at all joints for extreme realism. Hang him from the ceiling, pose him in a chair, or take him outside and drape him from a tree limb. Life-size skeleton is so detailed, he's like the real thing Crafted from durable plastic Finished with a realistic, antique bone-toned finish A hinged ...