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  • Citrus Floral Wreath
    Citrus Floral Wreath

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    A sunny, vibrant design that works for many months of the year, our exclusive Citrus Floral Wreath is a burst of color. The lasting beauty of the lush, realistic-looking green leaves and blooms is accented by a tumbling array of bright faux lemons and oranges. Built on a grapevine base, our wreath is designed only for indoor use (or covered, protected outdoor use). A brilliant accent like this is a lovely way to celebrate spring ...
  • 600-light Halloween Wreath
    600-light Halloween Wreath

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    Count them: 600 glowing orange, clustered LED lights circled in eye-popping fashion and spanning two feet in diameter across your front door. Brilliant? Of course, and there's more: set our 600-light Halloween Wreath to run one of eight light effects that include lighting in waves or sequentially, glowing soft, or fading slowly. Brilliant Halloween wreath featuring 600 glowing orange, clustered LED lights 24 inches in diameter and designed for a stunning effect Set it to ...
  • Double Door Wreath
    Double Door Wreath

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    Our Double Door Wreath comes in two pieces, so that one half of the wreath hangs on each door of a two-door entryway; open and close doors individually and wreath stays put. Lit with 100 warm white lights, each side has its own battery pack (two D batteries, each side; sold separately, online). Just as nice, hardware is included so that sides can be attached to display as one, oversized wreath for hanging over a ...
  • Blue Cedar Cordless Wreath
    Blue Cedar Cordless Wreath

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    A sophisticated design created for the general winter season means you can use this Blue Cedar Cordless Wreath from late fall through early spring. The updated woodlands look also works well as an understated choice for the holidays. Luxuriously lifelike design incorporates real pinecones with faux (but real-looking) pine tips, blueberries, and eucalyptus leaves. Glows with 50 warm white lights. A beautifully naturalistic approach to your wintertime decor. Real pinecones, lush faux pine ...
  • Rustic Christmas Wreath
    Rustic Christmas Wreath

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    Add a touch of joy, in updated country style, to your existing trimmings. Or, deck out the cottage or second home with our Rustic Artificial Christmas Wreath. A designer level look that arrives ready for display and will look this festive for years-completely carefree. Place on an active door to hear the delightful sound of sleigh bells ring Reverse side of ribbon is solid red Features a grapevine base Realistic polyester/PVC/foam/plastic construction For indoor use ...