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White Beautiful Wall Decor

  • White Posy Wall Art
    White Posy Wall Art

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    Cincinnati, Ohio-based contemporary artist Kait Roberts describes her work as loose, lively, and full of color, like the hue-filled beauty of her White Posy Wall Art. A blissful floral still life, it is printed on canvas. Kait feels that painting is natural, therapeutic, and aligned with her deepest sense of self. She prefers a non-studied approach with space for imperfections, capturing an interesting and striking impressionistic moment. Her original works hang in public and private ...
  • Sycamore Lane Wall Art
    Sycamore Lane Wall Art

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    It's all about perspective when it comes to realism in landscape art, and our Sycamore Lane Wall Art captures the beauty of that lesson well. Like a walk down a peaceful sycamore-lined lane on a late fall day, this print on paper tells its story in distinctive warm browns and burnt oranges that contrast well with the illuminating white of the trunks of the trees. A matte, textured finish enhances the art so it has ...
  • Green Glass Wall Art
    Green Glass Wall Art

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    The ocean blue is a common term, but our Green Glass Wall Art beautifully illustrates the spectrum of hues that can define a shoreline in the hands of a talented artist. Here, the surf crashes against the shore, displaying rolling green tones, deep shadows, and frothy white surf. The artist's paint stroke precisely captures the vigorous, honest, and timeless beauty of a simple natural scene. The gallery-quality print is a detailed representation of the artist's ...
  • Magnolia Wall Art
    Magnolia Wall Art

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    Few emblems magnify the beauty and mystique of the South like its native daughter, the magnolia, and our Magnolia Wall Art does so in elegant fashion. Over 3 ft. wide and featuring two, cream white blooms contrasting dramatically against a deep black ground, it is without a doubt a statement piece (especially when positioned against a wall of soft, lighter color). You can almost smell them. Dramatic magnolia bloom print Printed on gallery-wrapped canvas Textured ...
  • Lana Mosaic Mirror
    Lana Mosaic Mirror

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    Our Lana Mosaic Mirror is framed in a multitude of tiny, shimmering glass mosaic tiles. Each tile is hand-placed so that every finished piece bears the artistic, one-of-a-kind signature of a skilled craftsman-what may appear to be irregularities are touches that simply attest to the handcrafted nature and individuality of this beautiful wall accent. Its reflective nature is perfect for adding light to an entryway or over a mantel. Mosaic-style mirror room accent Framed by ...