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Yellow Seasonal Decor

  • Melting Face Candles, Set of Two
    Melting Face Candles, Set of Two

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    We hate to see these two fellas feeling the heat, but our Melting Face Candles help a haunted house come to life. Crafted from heavy polyresin, these vintage-look chambersticks are battery-operated, so they're easy to carry down long, dark hallways or place in attic windowsills where there's no outlet. Flames glow a haunting, steady yellow. Candle and holder are not detachable (sculpted as one piece); set of two. Battery-operated candle/holder props designed with sculpted melting ...
  • Tombstone with Melting Candles
    Tombstone with Melting Candles

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    It has lights, spooky sounds, and vintage appeal. All that's missing is an epitaph that should read, Here lies one of the best Halloween props ever. Nothing ordinary about it, our Tombstone with Melting Candles is motion-activated to send chills up your spine, with five flickering candles and the mournful toll of church bells behind a thunderstorm. Battery-operated so it goes just about anywhere, indoors or out; and it arrives to you brand new, like ...
  • Witch Moon Wreath
    Witch Moon Wreath

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    An irreversible spell has been cast all who darken your doorway, this Halloween season, are now under the magical aura of our frightfully sophisticated Witch Moon Wreath. So mesmerizingly detailed, guests just may forget to knock! Many moons of creative imagination and handcraftsmanship have gone into its design: deep purple velvet witch's hat is punctuated with bright yellow pom-poms and an oversized bow of black and white-striped designer ribbon. Expressive face is masterfully ...
  • Foggy Skull Lantern
    Foggy Skull Lantern

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    When it's all about the ambience, our Foggy Skull Lantern has such a menacing nature, it qualifies as one of the best in our grandinroad collection. Lantern emits a low fog (by way of a water-misting mechanism) and colorful lights from beneath the skull, while a candle burns at the top, all encased by this gothically styled, resin lantern. So moody. Decorative, tabletop lantern featuring a skull, creepy morphing low lights, and continual fog Fog ...