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Outdoor Wall Decor

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Decorating Your Outdoor Walls

When it comes to decorating our patios and porches, the exterior walls of our homes are often overlooked. Yet they present a golden opportunity to create a finished look.

Outdoor wall decor and weather-resistant artwork lend an element of the unexpected to your outdoor living area. Metal art and ironwork add sublime contrast to stone patios and wood decks. Artistic outdoor tiles and all-weather wooden art make a subtle statement or bold declaration depending on their design.

Play with classic pieces, including plaques, clocks, and thermometers. Find outdoor wall hangings with the perfect blend of style and quality for decor that brightens your home’s exterior for years to come.

Outdoor Wall Decor for Every Space

Every space offers an opportunity to showcase your style, from large patio walls to modest garden enclosures. Discover the perfect outdoor art to fit any wall, with unique shapes and styles that set your look apart.

Bring the ambiance of a garden to you with botanical outdoor wall decor to accent your patio or porch. Decorate gazebos, porches, and garden walls for even more opportunities to spruce up your outdoor spaces.

From large pieces that brighten your patio to simple accents for your front porch, it's easy to decorate any outdoor space with your favorite wall art.

Exterior Wall Art Styles

Explore all your options for outdoor wall art with the panels, plaques, and wall sculptures available at Grandin Road.

Metal Wall Hangings

Infuse your backyard with hints of the European countryside with wrought iron-inspired wall hangings in traditional shutter styles. For a fresh, modern take on outdoor metal wall art, hang delicate wire wall flowers or a refined compass to liven up your outdoor space.

Plaques, Panels, and Clocks

A set of topiary decor panels lends an elevated traditional feel while textured wood panels add a cottage-inspired charm to your outdoor living space with a sophisticated style. For an additional classic touch, hang a beautiful timepiece that combines the best of art and function.


Outdoor mirrors offer the opportunity to add a bright and open feel to your space, reflecting all the best views from your patio, porch, and garden. When choosing the best place for an outdoor mirror, consider natural light sources. In covered spaces, like porches and pergolas, a mirror can help make the area seem larger and bounce light around the space. If you've got a vibrant, blooming garden, place your mirror on an opposing wall for an ever-changing decor accent.

Mixing Materials and Textures

Outdoor walls offer a unique range of beautiful materials from classic brick and stone to sleek wood-panels and textured stucco. Mixing your outdoor wall art with the textures of your home creates a stylish look that brings out the best in both.

Create a sleek modern feel by pairing complementary textures and color palettes with the walls of your home. Decorate your patio wall with a simple wall clock and thermometer, or add wood panel art to a neutral colored porch space. For a rustic look, try pairing outdoor metal wall art with natural wood and stone walls to complement the color of the natural materials.

Elevate the look of an outdoor space in seconds with a stylish piece of patio wall decor. Explore unique metal, mirror, and plaque designs to transform your walls and patio into a space that's perfect for you.

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