A company history, grounded in family

Grandin Road is proud to offer a select group of Safavieh’s elaborate Persian-design area rugs. Like their handmade Old-World rugs, the company has a strong sense of history.

Safavieh has been weaving and importing Oriental rugs for nearly nine decades. Since the company’s inception, its focus has been on quality construction, authentic design, and vibrant color, making Safavieh a beacon in the rug industry.

Owned by Arash Yaraghi, the company was founded by his grandfather in Isfahan, Iran in 1914. Isfahan (similar to Rome) has been considered the cultural center for the arts for hundreds of years.

The original store in Isfahan was named after the Safavieh Dynasty. This Dynasty existed during the 16th century, a renaissance period for Persian Art. It was during this time period that the art of rug-making became a national industry.

In 1978, Arash Yaraghi was receiving an education in the United States. His brother Cyrus often traveled between the U.S. and Iran for family business. One day in 1979, the Iran Revolution crippled the Safavieh store in Isfahan. Arash and Cyrus were essentially stranded in New York City, unable to travel back to Iran. Their father recommended that they find an apartment and set up a Safavieh store in New York, as business could not resume in Isfahan. Thus, the first American Safavieh store opened its doors on Madison Avenue in 1979. Even then, Safavieh was known for its high-caliber, antique Persian rugs.

Today, Safavieh is run by five third-generation Yaraghi brothers. The company now operates 10 retail stores, offering an array of antique Persian rugs and fine reproductions. Its rugs are manufactured and imported from four different countries. Five years ago, the company entered the wholesale market, and has gained significant market share with many major national accounts. Safavieh is now headquartered in Port Washington, New York, and its showroom at 153 Madison Avenue and 32nd Street in New York City still stands.