5 Reasons Why A Max Multifunction Table Is Ready For Anything


The Max Multifunction Table is our favorite new piece of useful furniture. Max is totally MacGyver-like: a sleek, super-efficient, ingenious secret agent table trouble-shooting project table that does what ordinary desks and tables and storage bins only dream of, and looks cool doing it.

Max is all up for anything! You need more craft space? Done. Less? Easy. File storage? Want to move it around? Wings up? Wings down? Make it compact like a side table to keep in a corner? Okay!

Max is chill with everything you want, and just wants to make you happy!

The five reasons it’s really ready for anything:

• This work station is a combination desk/crafts table/workspace and storage unit

• Tabletop surface space can be easily extended with one wing, or both wings.

• Won’t take up a lot of space, so it’s ideal even in smaller rooms.

Folds compactly and rolls aside for space-saving storage, or use as an extra side table.

• Folding support legs easily roll into position on casters, and lock into place for a sturdy working space or serving station. Add stools, and you’re set!

Want the perfect workstation that gives you the surface space for projects, a workstation that folds down compactly and rolls away to store easily, yet also looks great if you keep it out, and makes life totally easier?

You want Max.

A ready-for-you project table, whatever your work style

Whatever sort of project doer, busy person, or crafter you are, Max makes sense.

• Many Seriously Gifted People have “crafting rooms” or “work spots” for all their cool projects. “This is my Christmas Room! This is my Shoe Design Space!” And that is awesome! But some people don’t have rooms like these. And even those who do, often lack the right kind of table to work on in those spaces, or actually lack convenient storage. Do you have storage right at hand? Know where everything is? Have more room quickly, if you need it? More tabletop space if needed? Max gives you more room and convenient storage just like that, boom!

• Then there are Seasonal Crafters and Project Doers. Are you one? Certain times of year, the art supplies and lists appear, piled on the kitchen counter, lumped forlornly in a corner. How can you get it out of the way fast to keep the kids or pets from getting into it? Or keep the house looking neater when friends drop in? How can you make it all more efficient to work with? Where can you store it until later? How can it be easier to drag it all back out again? Max will help you store work materials neatly, and roll it all away compactly for storage in a closet, corner of a spare room, etc.

• Maybe you’re a Creative Artist, Designer, Blogger, Homeroom Mom, or Event Organizer. Such great intentions, and so many projects and special supplies and inspiration items, which are…somewhere…where are your magazines, by the way? Where’s the fundraiser’s marked-up budget? How long can you create good things in a mess like this? Max won’t let you feel overwhelmed and messy. Max will soothe you back into being a beautifully organized powerhouse of a do-er.

• Are you a Wishful Attempter? Those of us who want to work on projects, really, but we simply have no good corner to work in. We don’t want a mess sitting out in the dining room. We don’t want it taking over the coffee table, or cluttering the bedroom. Max will make room for you to do what you like, anywhere, even in front of the tv, so you can finally live your creative dreams.

So, the deets about our Max Multifunctional Table

Max is a seriously well-designed combination roomy work table and two-sided storage unit that can fold out or down into the workspace you need. Ingenious in every way.

Use it as an expandable sturdy desk/table with the top wings fully extended on the folding support legs, or just with one wing extended in smaller spaces. Open it up for the surface you need for anything, from cutting and crafting to writing and designing.

Does Max have convenient storage space, too? Yes. On both sides of the center section, there’s one cubbyhole shelf space and one storage cabinet space (with a door). So that’s two cubbyholes and two storage cabinet sections.

When you’re done working and storing things, the Max folds down compactly into a neat, goes-anywhere piece that can double as a side table if you don’t want to store it. After you fold it down into its compact shape, it rolls easily aside into a corner or closet, on smooth caster wheels. You can still access stored items easily even when it is folded.

About that rolling ease: Max is equipped with a support leg system that folds out smoothly for super easy set-up, using the caster wheels, too.

Using Max is a breeze, not an annoying struggle.

And Max has style. It’s made with an engineered wood in birch veneer with a smooth white finish; there are no raw edges or sides. Max is nice enough to double as an impromptu bar cart or serving station, too. Toss a lamp on top when it’s folded down and you have an instant bedside table for an instant guest space.

Shop for Max and other desks and storage furniture ideas at Grandin Road.



    1. Lori – We do ship to Raleigh! In fact, you can determine the exact cost of the item+ shipping, if you first head to the product page (https://www.grandinroad.com/max-multifunction-table/933334). Then, add the desired item (in this case, the Max Multifunction Table) to your cart. Next click “Checkout,” at which point you can apply any promotion codes – and also enter the zip code of the shipping address for a total estimate. Hope this helps!

    1. Sandra – Unfortunately, the product was not designed so the shelf cam be easily removed. It is part of the structural integrity of the base. However, if you want to move the height of the shelf, you can work with a carpenter to move it to your preferred height. Please note that if you do manipulate the product, though, Grandinroad would not be able to take that unit back as it would not be under the original manufacturer’s specifications. The unit itself will hold a sewing machine, just not in that “cubbie” space. Hope this helps!

    1. Max is only available in White for the time being – but great idea to add some color variety, Cookie! We’ll pass that along to our Merchants!

    1. Great question, Barbara! When open., it measures: 70.75”W x 29.75”D x 30”H. When closed, it measures: 19.75”D x 29.75”D x 30’H. Hope this helps!

  1. I’ve seen other versions of this before (IKEA, etc.) and they’re very rickety and unstable. Is this thing really well made and sturdy?

    1. Diane – Valid concerns. To help answer your question, we’ve consulted the designer herself. Here’s what she says: “This design was constructed with stability in mind from the very beginning. I really hate the idea of furniture not being able to function for the purpose it was intended. Therefore, I worked closely with the manufacturer to ensure that the fold out leaves were able to support more than what is required by our protocol testing. I made certain that the fold out supports would not wobble or seem less than best-in-class. And best-in-class it is! I own this table myself and use it for many occasions! (I actually use mine for entertaining – as I can roll it out of storage, set it up for buffets, and then roll it back away – kind of like a grown up version of the old folding table, but much more stable and better looking!)” If the designer’s word isn’t enough to entice you, read the reviews, found here: https://www.grandinroad.com/max-multifunction-table/933334. Hope this helps!

    1. Great question, Edith! Then entire table has to be assembled. It should take less than an hour of your time, though, and comes with full assembly instructions! Feel free to reach out to our Team should you have any further questions or issues at social@grandinroad.com or via phone at 1.866.668.5962.

  2. Hi, can you tell me whether the coasters lock, so that the piece doesn’t roll around when you don’t want it to? Thank you!

  3. Can you tell me when you would have more available to purchase. This is a great find can seem to find anything else better . Thanks

  4. Tried to order this item, a little over a month ago. 25% discount was available at the time. Was told it was no longer available. What’s the story?

    Please reply!

    1. Hi Renee! Unfortunately, we no longer sell this item, as the Max Multifunction Table was a part of our Fall 2016 assortment. Fingers crossed something comparable will come your way from our catalog soon. As a heads up, new Interior picks will be released in the fall. The best way to stay informed of new product additions and promotions is to subscribe to our email list. You can do so by visiting: http://www.grandinroad.com/EmailSubscribeView. (And psss…signing up for our email registry also get you Free Standard Shipping!)

  5. Would be a great posting–there are no dimensions, no price and no idea what the table is made with? MDF, Wood, Parawood?

    1. Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, this item is no longer available, as this post is a couple of years old. Thank you for understanding!

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