5 Ideas for a Better, Bolder Garden Party

Go classic. Go playful. Or go a just little bit unexpected. Whatever you do, make your garden party the memorable outdoor event of your summer.

Need a nudge to get started? We’ve made an easy party-planning idea list for you, to help you create the perfect setting. Enjoy the party pics, then shop the look:


1. Invest in a fresh look with seating that reflects your current taste, in the silhouette that attracts you now.

Outdoor seating can also support your party’s style. Garden parties are a classic concept, but today, they can be updated and creative.


2. Mobile bar carts make serving easier, and keep the fun more adaptable.

Guests drifting from the patio to the pool?
Your cart of tea or cocktails can follow.

And a cart like the Halsted can keep everything looking orderly even if the party is more of a playful affair. Glasses, bottles, napkins and even a way to bring fresh ice to guests (we love the use of our gold, pineapple-shaped ice bucket). Cheers!


3. Side tables make life easier, too.

Some double as extra seating. Some add fun. Some are absolutely artful.

4. Select decorative accents to highlight the theme of your event.

Idea: match your invitations to your outdoor pillows or colorful outdoor rugs. See who notices. Tempt everyone with an amazing table that’s photo-ready for sharing.

5.  Lighting is both a practical consideration and a creative opportunity.

Many afternoon events run later than planned. When guests linger, you’ll be ready with lanterns, outdoor floor lamps, and sparkly string lights. Twinkle, little party star.

    1. Jann – The Neptune hue tends to vary in color in different lighting situations. It is indeed closer to “Navy” than it is to, say, “Cobalt.” Did you receive the chair yourself? Are you unhappy with your purchase? We’d be happy to assist you with a return or any questions if you send an email to social@grandinroad.com.

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