A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide You’ll Love

We make it easy to show a little more heart and soul and imagination this Valentine’s Day with gifts that say more, and last longer than flowers and wine. And remember, red and pink are classic, but the right gift is more than a traditional color. It’s something that says you know what they’ll love.

They inspire you, so: Artful Pieces

Art brightens a room, just the way they’ve brightened your life. Find the work that reminds you of them, be it something timeless, or art with a special design. Our picks for the day include our graphic “You and Me” Canvas, and the heart shaped Butterfly Effect Framed Art. We also have light-up LOVE marquee letters for a bookcase or shelf. Or go for it in lights, with our amazing Cupid LED Light Display.


They’re dreamy, so: Bedding

Set the scene, and win their heart all over again with some gorgeous bed linens and a lofty textured quilt. Go softly colored, or try a colorful print or vibrant pattern that defines your romance.

They cheer up your life, so: Fun Pillows

Start the day by decorating with, or giving, our special Valentine’s Day pillows. Choose from our bold and modern Heart Stripe Pillow, a graphic word “LOVE,” and seal it with an XOXO. We even have fluffy Mongolian Sheep Fur Pillows, if the mood is more glam-amorous.



They’re a great cuddler, so: Throws

We have so many to choose from, so take your choice, and give them a cozy hug every day. A suggestion: a Mohair Throw in Pink or Ivory, or our Italian Lambswool Throw in a modern plaid called Venezia (and what’s more romantic than Venice?).

They’re the life of the party, so: Bar-side Favorites

A pair of bar stools with red seats can always be your special place together while entertaining. Add some gold glittery love with a bar cart – talk about room jewelry.

And ooh, our Valentine’s Tipsy Wine Glasses Set!

They’re outdoorsy, so: Rockers & Benches

No better way to share the view than with the one you love, today and all the tomorrows to come. Our beautiful All-natural Teak Glider Bench is perfect for two. And our Nantucket Rocker comes in Valentine-ready Dark Red.

They’re what makes it home, so: Chairs & Ottomans

We love the way a pair of chairs can define a room. Now look at them in a romantic way, to create that little space to share. Want another super cute furniture gift idea? A pair of bright pink Birdie Ottomans or the Bebee Ottoman in Azalea are gift ideas filled with personality.

They’re the center of your crazy life, so: Artful Rugs

This is our most unexpected idea. But if you know they’ve been hunting for something special, or want to update a room a certain way, we may have the perfect rug. We have hundreds of styles, sizes, and colors. They’ll come home to a special space, transformed, by you. Valentine’s Day pick: the Kylie.

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