10 Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces with the right furniture offers the opportunity to embrace your creativity and let your personality shine. Explore the following 10 ideas for decorating small spaces to discover how to transform your apartment, condominium, or compact home into an inspired dwelling.

1 | Choose furniture that’s the right size

Your furniture creates the foundation of your decor, so when looking for living room ideas for small spaces, it’s important to choose pieces that fit comfortably. Grandin Road offers a wide selection of smaller-scale pieces so you can furnish your rooms without them feeling overcrowded. Compact sofas and loveseats and accent furniture provide plenty of seating in small living rooms while still leaving space to move and breathe.

2 | Pick a large rug

Small spaces are all about the power of visuals. Even if the space itself is compact, you can make it look and feel larger by choosing the right decor pieces like area rugs that highlight openness. Small rugs can make your room feel more divided. Instead, opt for a larger area rug that fits nearly wall-to-wall or extends far enough to sit underneath all your furniture pieces. This also gives you a chance to play with color and texture to create a unique style that defines your home.

3 | Take advantage of vertical space

When you can’t add horizontal space, take to the available vertical space with tall furniture pieces that elongate your walls. Tall bookcases and shelves give the illusion of higher ceilings, opening up your space while doubling as convenient and attractive storage. When choosing accent pieces and decor, look for vertically oriented wall art to extend the illusion of height in your room.

4 | Use furniture with built-in storage

If you don’t have room for a lot of furniture, choose pieces that serve double duty with built-in storage. Maximize the efficiency of your living space with creative storage furniture like benches and ottomans. Swap out your TV stand for a cabinet or chest where you can tuck away consoles and games, then add a stylish, compact storage ottoman that can stash books and blankets.

5 | Hang mirrors to make the space look bigger

When it comes to home decor ideas, mirrors make a timeless favorite for brightening any space. They create the illusion of a larger room by maximizing your light. This is especially helpful for spaces that don’t have a large natural light source, as thoughtfully positioned mirrors can disperse the limited light around your home. Hang mirrors across from windows to catch the light or at the end of hallways to lengthen the space. Play with floor-length designs, round mirrors, and wall art mirrors of all styles small and large.

6 | Turn rooms into multipurpose spaces

Apartments and condos don’t always have room for a separate hobby area or leisure space, so make the most of every room with multipurpose furnishings. Dedicate a section of your living room or bedroom to meet your specific needs or creative pursuits. Add a desk to make an area for writing or crafting, then hang an inspiring piece of wall art or handy shelf within reach to create a cohesive and productive atmosphere.

7 | Keep seating strategic

Transform your compact space from cramped to cozy with strategic seating solutions. Accent your sofa with a few stylish chairs thoughtfully placed so guests can sit and socialize in comfort. Look through a variety of decorative armchairs, swivel chairs, or armless side chairs to see which options give you the most versatility. You can even use ottomans for bonus seating when hosting a group.

8 | Use ottomans or accent tables vs. a coffee table

Create a welcoming space for everyday use and entertaining by swapping out the traditional coffee table for an accent table or ottoman. Instead of having a larger coffee table in the center of the space, try placing a few small accent tables near your chairs and sofa. Your ottoman can also double as a table top and a footrest depending on the occasion. This way, guests can easily reach snacks and drinks, while the smaller design makes these pieces quick to move when you’re in the mood to rearrange.

9 | Create a compact eating area

Embrace contemporary comfort with a compact eating area that makes the most of your space. Swap out the classic dining room for a charming eating nook, or arrange bar stools at the counter for a casual yet sophisticated setting. A small square dining table easily tucks into the corner for everyday use by two and you can pull it away from the walls to offer more seating when guests arrive. For an eating area centered in the space, try a small dining table in a round shape with a pedestal base that has a small overall footprint.

10 | Stick to a cohesive color palette

Don’t shy away from color just because your space is compact. Vibrant hues can open up your room and add a fresh, welcoming feel. Creating and sticking to a designated color palette helps you explore your creative side without overwhelming the space, making it the perfect solution for small home decor. You can mix bold hues with neutral foundations for a balanced effect, then shop furniture items and wall art that complement your color scheme.

If your home is separated into distinct rooms, you might wish to explore dedicated palettes for each room, or you may want to choose one palette for your whole home to create a cohesive flow.

Even the most compact spaces have great potential with the right furniture and home decor ideas. Use the above 10 ideas on how to decorate small spaces with creative furnishings, signature wall art, and elegant color palettes so you can transform your compact property into your dream home.

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