5 Brilliant Ways to Light Up Summer

Here comes the sun. At last!

We like to refer to summer as the official season of rekindling friendships. When the weather’s warm and life naturally drifts to dinners on the patio, pool parties, or simply hanging out on a garden-variety Tuesday, the invitations just seem to flow more freely. By the way: who’s on your list to reconnect with?

The magical part, with all at ease and lots of catching up to do, is that a casual chat about the kids in the afternoon can easily transform into a juicy grapevine dish session, after dark. The challenge (don’t be afraid, it’s just a word; and trust us, this is going to be fun—and enlightening) is how to maintain that relaxed, easy-going vibe long after the sun goes down.

You’re in luck. Because you’re such a smart cookie and regularly read our blog, you’re about to learn it’s really no challenge at all. Five bright ideas for keeping the girl-time conversation, cocktail party, birthday, picnic, graduation, book club, and family dinner rolling, coming right up.

One: Better by Candlelight

Everything. Truthfully, we’re tempted to stop there—because it’s true—but then you wouldn’t discover how easy and undeniably indispensable our flameless outdoor candles are. Enjoy the romance and flickering glow you love without the inconvenience of matches or melting wax (battery operated). There’s even a timer function. Place in a lantern, or simply bring any tabletop to light—including indoors. Whatever you do, get a cart-full. You’ll be glad you did. Beginning at $25.

Two: Lanterns are Always In Style

Here’s a chance for you to really show off your eye for delightfully surprising details while also highlighting your practical side. Tabletop lanterns are an easy, affordable way to enhance the look of your outdoor entertaining area while also establishing an irresistible, candlelit atmosphere. Lots to choose from. Select a favorite design or material (wood, metal, or glass), and see your existing outdoor space in a whole new light. Just add flameless candles…

Three: Elevate the Indoor Feeling

Think your outdoor seating area has to look like it’s, uh… outdoors? Nope. Don’t let a passé notion like that hang over your head. Make it a highly stylish hanging lantern instead! Fact is, you don’t have to leave that cozy indoor feeling at the back door anymore. As soon as you introduce a suspended element to any outdoor space, your entire perception changes. It instantly becomes more like a real room. Take it to the next level, this season.

Four: Spotlight on Summer Fun

Boom. Pow. “Wow. Ah-mazing…” Recreate awe-inspiring feels from the Fourth of July all summer long with our Americana Kaleidoscope Spotlight. Quickly cast a grand finale of bursting red and blue “fireworks” on a wall, the side of your home, pool house, or front door. Wherever you’d like to create a fascinating spectacle that will amaze kids of all ages. Amp up the fun factor.

Five: Keep it Warm

OK, we’ve been playing it cool, so far, but it’s time to really heat things up. Nothing draws a crowd faster and for longer than an honest-to-goodness, real life fire pit. Our theory? What other entertaining must-have delights three of the five human senses? The dancing flames, surprise crackle or pop… that distinctive smell that quickly takes you back to your very first fireside marshmallow roast. The radiating warmth that extends the enjoyment of a cool summer evening is just a bonus. Need we say smore?


You’ve anticipated spending this special time under sun and stars with family and friends for a year. Make a promise to yourself that, this season, you won’t allow all that long-awaited fun to flicker out at sunset. A pair of lanterns, lots of candles, perhaps a fire pit… one long, super happy summer, cast in just the right light.

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