Recliners are Baaaaack (Push-back, actually)

The recliner is an engineered escape from everyday stress. A perfect chair concept for today, right? That’s why it’s enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

So, we’ve created updated grandinroad recliners for your home, each made using fine top-grain leather. Find your style, then learn why each of our recliners is amazing.

Style Guide to help you choose (each, sit-tested)

Mid-century modern. The Belmont Recliner (scroll down, to see it in motion) is an inspired mid-century modern look that’s in high demand. (“I am thrilled with this recliner!” writes happy customer Csmith541. “The leather is incredibly soft.”) The look is stylishly bookended with a solid wood, trapezoid-shaped frame design inspired by original mid-century modern furniture pieces. A sophisticated, highly comfortable choice.

Vintage-inspired. The Barrett Recliner (shown above) is a vintage-inspired contemporary design with a higher back, updated with a tailored, streamlined silhouette. An amazing price for a go-with-everything design that’s impeccably upholstered in smooth, supple, top-grain, aniline-dyed leather. Totally relaxing.

Classic. The Bryce Recliner (above) is a very classic design, styled with a contoured, richly padded back, curved track arms, and a deep “sink-in comfort” cushion. This is our most traditional style, its “mega-relaxation” level enhanced by the beautiful, supple leather. This is the kind of chair guys dream of getting for Christmas.

Weird bonus fact: Boom! Instant recliner style pedigree. The first reclining chair was owned by Napoleon III, Emperor of the Second French Empire in the nineteenth century. This royal is remembered for spearheading the Reconstruction of Paris. He had the taste and power and will to commission the grand redesign of the layout of the city, to look like the beautiful Paris we know today. He also flexed that power to have a reclining chair invented for his comfort and ease. Fancy. Today, you can sip Champagne in yours.

Your grandinroad recliner is a wonderland.

The style is real. No need to hide it in a back room. The modern grandinroad push back-style recliner is sleek, sophisticated leather furniture. It simply looks like a great comfortable chair; there’s no lever on the side to give away its secret or wreck the look. (No old-fashioned side-lever mechanism recliners here.) Everything that does the smooth magic is hidden from view. And recliner designs and colors now accommodate your décor. Looking good. And well-tested: we sit-test our designs to make sure the leather and the chairs themselves feel truly comfortable from day one.

Top-grain, aniline-dyed leather matters. Aniline-dyed leather is one of the most highly treasured kinds of leather. Only the very finest, smoothest, highest-quality leather is used for a grandinroad recliner, because this aniline-dye method allows the naturally beautiful leather grain to be shown to its advantage. (This is the dye method used to create the finest leather shoes.) This top-grain, supple leather also feels incredibly good from the start, and gets even softer over time. And easy-to-live-with, top-grain leather from grandinroad is given a protected surface treatment. Simply dust or wipe off the leather surface with a water-dampened cloth if something is spilled. Whew. Because messy snacking and recliners kind of go together, right?

How far back can you go? Because of the three-way internal mechanism, you can recline all the way to a full, deep-recline layout, or stop anywhere you want. All of our ultra-comfortable recliner seating styles are great for a serious nap anytime. Simply sit down and lean back to take your push-back recliner into an easy recline and let its hidden footrest emerge. Constructed with a kiln-dried, hardwood frame, these handsome recliner chairs are also extremely stable and sturdy. Check out the Belmont, below.

What all our recliners have in common:

  • High-quality, top-grain, aniline-dyed leather
  • Easy-to-live-with leather has a protective treatment against spills; just dust off, or for spills, wipe with a damp cloth
  • Comfortable push-back design, with no exterior mechanism
  • Sit-tested for comfort
  • Three-way internal mechanism lets you recline all the way to a full, deep-recline layout, or stop anywhere you want
  • Tension adjusters allow you to tailor the tension of the back to your size, your height, or needs, to personalize the comfort and ease of the push-back operation
  • Paneled outside and inside arms
  • Pocketed coil seating
  • Hidden pop-out footrest
  • Solid, kiln-dried hardwood frame
  • 2.0 lb. upholstery foam
  • Removable back
  • One-step set up (upon delivery, attach the back in a flash – no tools needed)

ROOM DESIGN TIP:  Our authentic, exclusive Kilim Pillows look incredible resting on the luxurious leather of our Recliners. Our blog has more about these timeless global accents, which are trending for home design: Kilim Design: Best Reasons to Love the Look. 

    1. The beauty of our recliners? You don’t even know they’re recliners! Treat them as you would any normal pair of accent chairs. Try a round table between them, with a lamp perched on top. To even out the room, maybe aim for two love seats facing each other, and the pair of recliners at the end – pointed right at the television or fireplace. Just a thought… Hope this helps!

  1. LOVE these recliners! The leather is amazingly soft and they look great.. I have two side by side with a small rectangle table between them. Works well because they do not look like recliners. Only problem is that they are so comfortable that I want to go to sleep every time I lean back in one!

  2. Is the Belmont leather recliner shown in gray in your
    Feb catalog still available and if so, what are shipping charges

  3. Which of the three recliners above is the smallest and closest to being a wall-huggers? I have a smaller space but definitely want the foot rest out in sitting position. I am more interested in having my feet up than my body reclining. Did I explain that correctly? I was hoping for a blue tone leather.
    Any suggestions?
    Also need the measurements.

    1. Hi Jean! Unfortunately, this is a blog post from several years ago, and we no longer carry these recliners. So sorry to disappoint!

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Dorothy! We’ve shared your comment with our merchandising team for consideration for future collections. We really appreciate it!

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