Guest Room Checklist: 5 Easy Updates That Will Bring Visitors Back

A great hostess creates a guest room that’s as inviting and comfortable as it is functional. After all, your out-of-town guests usually stay busy all day long with a busy itenerary. And at the close of the day, they want a quiet place to rest and recuperate, to escape (that’s why it’s called a getaway, right?). That’s where you come in.

So open the door to the guest room and take an honest look. Your hospitality is always warm and cozy, but could your guest room use a little of that same love? Make some easy updates before your guests arrive.

Where to begin?

1 | Start with fresh bedding

guest room bedding

A comfortable bed is the most important feature in the guest room. Once that’s in place, new bedding is the easiest way to make the whole room look and feel fresh. Our Aquataine Bedding Collection is a great example. Here’s why:

  • It’s made of soft, breathable 100% cotton. Layer it with just a sheet in warmer months or a cozy duvet when it’s cool. It’s versatile.
  • It’s also reversible, so you’ll get two looks in one (just in case the in-laws make a couple visits this year).
  • Cotton is completely machine-washable. Easy to launder ahead of the visit, easy to clean when guests go home. And, cotton gets softer with every wash.
  • Extra cozy tip: It’s the right color. In waves of calming sky blue, guests can’t wait to snuggle in for sweet dreams.

2 | Use natural materials in your guest room

bedroom chest

There are a lot of reasons to warm up to wooden furniture, natural fiber rugs, and live or faux greenery in your guest room. Here are a few:

  • Natural materials look good. Pieces like our hand-carved Waverly Chest and our Braided Seagrass Headboard warm a space like synthetic pieces cannot (laminates, for example). And their simple style always looks on-trend, so it’s a good investment for the long run.
  • They bring calm. Science proves that being in touch with the natural world, even if it’s just visually, helps reduce stress.
  • Extra ray of sunshine? Open the curtains before guests arrive and be sure to trim outdoor shrubs beneath the window.

3 | Add local flavor with wall art or decor

flower wall art

Welcome guests with hometown spirit. Consider decorating the guest room with accents crafted by local artisans or with pieces tied to your great city. It’s perfect for starting dinner conversation (and supports your local economy, too). Here are some ideas:

  • Grandin Road has Cincinnati, Ohio, roots so we love this White Posy Canvas Art print by Cincinnati artist Kait Roberts.
  • If you’re close to the beach, hang something interesting like our Spiky Coral Wall Décor.
  • Sweet nothing? Leave a small basket on the nightstand full of locally made baked goods, candies, or honey for guests to enjoy throughout their visit.

4 | Give them a place to unpack

end of bed bench

After a long drive or lugging bags through an airport, give your weary traveler an easy place to park a suitcase and unpack. Repetitive kneeling to access a bag on the floor can aggravate a tired back and knees. And open luggage on the bed gets in the way. Try these easy fixes:

  • Two small ottomans, at the end of a bed, are just the right height for propping bags. They can easily be moved around the room and used as extra seats once guests have unpacked.
  • What about a versatile storage bench? A table, a seat, and—inside—a convenient place to store extra blankets and pillows, so guests can create their own level of overnight comfort. Brilliant.
  • Hang in there: leave a few empty hangers in the guest room closet or on the back of the door for guests to hang jackets or dinner wear.

5 | Plug-in to little necessities

tablet stand to charge electronics

How cute is this? Sit our Yoga Kitty Tablet Stand beside the bed in your guest room. She’s designed to hold a phone or tablet (even a book), with a charging cord hole in the bottom so guests can stay connected during their stay. Other ways to make guests feel at home?

  • If you have the square footage, put an accent chair and a small table in the guest room. Keep paper and pens close, so guests are afforded privacy to take work-related calls or make personal arrangements.
  • Don’t forget details, like a mirror, a box of tissues, and a wastebasket, especially if guests are sharing a bathroom during the visit.

Feel inspired? Or anxiety? Just get started: easy guest room updates are at your fingertips. Check out our entire selection of Bedding, Decorative Accents, and even our customer-favorite Essence 6-pc. Turkish Towel Set, which is always a thoughtful update when guests are coming to visit.

set of towels for guests

For even more inspiration, read Our Best Ideas for a Better Guest Room.

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