Learn 5 Easy Tricks, Craft a Wicked Porch Makeover

Halloween Outdoor Decor

Creating a next-level fall look for your front door is just about as simple as saying “hocus-pocus.” So there’s no earthly reason not to quickly stir up a new Halloween hello.

We’ll lay out the components and their design functions… you combine them every which way to suit your home’s architecture and your personal taste.

Halloween’s creeping closer every second, so let’s dig in!

1 Wreath

Centerpiece and star of your spellbinding scene. Tip: hang wreath about one-third of the way below the top of the door for maximum impact. Allow the wreath’s color palette to guide your choice of complementing pieces. On a budget? A well-chosen wreath looks great all by itself.

If The Broom Fits Wreath

2 Planters

When used in pairs, planters provide symmetry and, along with the wreath, create a triangular visual effect that’s naturally pleasing to the eye. Retaining your live or faux plants is perfectly fine, but our next trick is set to really spook things up…

Evelyn Planter

3 Fillers & Topiaries

Elevate the overall look with your choice of colorful topiary or floral urn filler. Three reasons why it’s a fab idea: height brings vertical balance; great opportunity to tie into the colorations of the wreath; maintenance-free and will look striking all season.

Pumpkin Tree Topiary

4 Garland

Dead simple logic… garland neatly frames the door opening and creates a visual border, accentuating the focus on the wreath.

Pre-lit Creepy Garland

5 Embellishments

Let your creative spirit soar. Consider accenting the primary pieces with pumpkins, additional lighted elements, or chilling black crows. Not only does an array of personal touches produce an overall more attractive and finished design, the satisfaction level from expressing yourself is simply out of this world.

Pre-lit Spooky Urn Filler

Tip: Are you more attracted to the friendlier side of the season? Fear not: this handful of easy design practices works exactly the same for welcoming a fantastic fall or harvest theme to your front door.

Now that you’ve acquired some wicked exterior decorating skills, let’s really have some fun. Using our exclusive visualizer, trance-form your front porch interactively. Have a ball mixing and matching elements to create the perfect look. Then, drop it in your cart and take it home.

Try our interactive Mix & Match Visualizer now

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