Top 10 Best Halloween Pathway Markers and Decorations

Thrill them, chill them, make them shriek with delight. Grandin Road has the top 10 best Halloween decorations for your pathway to spook up your lawn in style. (Sure to get you ranked among “best ever” in neighborhood history.)

Our list is packed with haunting-but-happy finds, including playful patterns, spooky silhouettes, and treats that you’ll only get from the Halloween gurus at Grandin Road. Start with a couple favorites or fill your cart. There’s no formula for making your Halloween pathway fabulous, every piece adds its own magic. Time to work some of your own.

1 | Holding Hands Witches

Party guests, trick-or-treaters, and neighborhood ghosts agree: they like a little spooky and they want a lot of fun. And these ladies do the trick with heads that glow as they gather. Available as a set of three.

2 | Flame Lighted Pumpkins

Pile them up and it’s like building a cozy fall campfire, without any effort at all. They’re available in different shapes and sizes – and only at Grandin Road.

3 | Pre-lit Broomstick Pathway Markers

In sets of three, these broomsticks with bright orange mini lights positioned along the pathway will sweep visitors away. Buy several sets of these Halloween sidewalk lights to line the entire walkway.

4 | Black Cat Silhouettes

They’re the purrfect Halloween pathway markers, and superstition just makes them even better. Crafted from flat metal, these sitting and standing cats keep watch along the path. Eerie.

5 | “Enter If You Dare” Luminaries

This set of four Halloween walkway lanterns is like a dare to partygoers… and who could resist? Made from all-weather fabric, the luminaries are lit from within by mini lights for convenience.

6 | Designer Pumpkins

From the traditional to the oversized, put these durable resin, designer pumpkins in all your favorite spots. Grandin Road customers love these unique pumpkins and you’ll only find them here.

7 | Black Crows

A set of four crows, authentically feathered, are just enough to be slightly ominous. Combine several sets and it’s a horror film. Depends on your Halloween style.

8 | Pre-lit Spooky Trees

No planting, pruning, or wrapping with lights necessary. We’ve done all the work for you, just plug these Halloween pathway lights in and you’re set!

9 | Halloween Topiary

For those who prefer to do it up in designer fashion, find festive topiaries in completely unique, resin shapes from pumpkins to shapely finials.

10 | Marvelous Witch Moon Wreath

Your guests made it all the way to the front door with the help of enchanted broomsticks and creepy cats. Now, give them one last thrill. She’s absolutely exquisite, a crowning piece to your Halloween pathway, with a handpainted resin face and dimensional embellishments. And you’ll only find her at Grandin Road.

Thrilled by unique Halloween decorating ideas? Visit our complete, hauntingly well-curated Grandin Road Halloween Haven collection.

  1. My husband and myself totally fell in love with the “Cracking Mirror”. So wish we would have found your website sooner. I am sure I will love the “Skeleton Ground Breaking Hands – Love Hand Set” I just purchased.
    Teri Jo Schneck

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