13 Halloween Products for 2019 You Won’t Find in Stores

Hunting down unique Halloween decor can be a frightful proposition. So many of the same old tricks at the same old places…

Fear not, dear friend. Years of offering hundreds of elevated, exclusive Halloween decor finds has made us the go-to haunt for easy, shockingly stylish props and accents. And you won’t find them hanging out at every house on the block.

Follow along and fill up your trick-or-treat bag as we count down the all-new top 13 Halloween Products for 2019 You Won’t Find in Stores (or anywhere but Grandin Road). Snap them up fast. Favorites disappear in a flash!

13 | Gold Skeleton Bees, Set of Six

Bee-guiling. Transform your display without the sting of a big investment—$24.

Gold Skeleton Bees, Set of Six

12 | White Mice Necklace

Made of rubber, they jiggle just enough as you move to give them a little life. EEK.

White Mice Necklace

11 | Animated Deluxe Bird Cage

A secret motion sensor triggers him to squawk and swing back and forth. “Pretty bird… ”

Animated Deluxe Bird Cage

10 | Skull Twig Stems, Set of Six

Ghastly boo-quet. These “floral” stems feature tiny, subtle skulls. $59, and only here.

Skull Twig Stems, Set of Six

9 | Towering Reaper

Adjusts up to 8′ tall. Create a monstrously fun, can’t-find-it-anywhere-else welcome.

Towering Reaper

8 | Falloween Wreath

Harvest meets Halloween. Enjoy the beauty early fall to well beyond the witching season.

Falloween Wreath

7 | Buffalo Check Pumpkin

Smashing new design at $59. Carve out a prime spot on the mantel or party buffet.

Buffalo Check Pumpkin

6 | Hanging Witch Ghost

Easily create the convincing illusion of a floating specter and cause Fright-Night drama.

Hanging Witch Ghost

5 | Classic Halloween Window Box Filler

Lifelike pumpkins, florals and ornaments that fit perfectly in Grandin Road window boxes.

Classic Halloween Window Box Filler

4 | Woodland Pumpkin, Fox

Clever, coming and going. Turn to see an equally cute, dimensional backside.

Woodland Pumpkin, Fox

3 | Halloween Weeping Willow Lights

A captivating, cascading twinkle effect dances down thirty strands of lights.

Halloween Weeping Willow Lights

2 | White Skeleton Hand Vase

Bone-afide unique Halloween decor. This year, get rousing applause from guests.

White Skeleton Hand Vase

1 | Deluxe Celestial Crystal Ball

The future looks stormy! In a fun way. “Lightning” follows your finger across the surface.

Deluxe Celestial Crystal Ball

Shop all of these Grandin Road exclusive Halloween decor items, and more, now.

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  1. The hanging weeping lights would look great inside the hanging towering reapers or hanging witch ghosts.

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