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Self-expression is the goal of home décor. If you live in Buckingham Palace, or have a lot of family heirlooms, you might be more inclined to focus your design choices on saluting your heritage, or exploring your respect for giant gilded thrones and lots of velvet. But let’s say that where you’re living, the place you call home, the choice of décor is absolutely and utterly yours. Lucky you!

You can surround yourself with exactly what you love, exactly what makes you feel good or great, happy or energized: perhaps squashy sofas, cool coffee tables, big art, and maybe a little retro feeling in some accents? Or maybe you are all about lots of velvet?

Whatever you love, this is a home that’s about self-expression. And a big part of self-expression is color. The shades and hues that are you. They’re a great starting point to creating a truly personalized space.

Color’s personal. Very personal. 

You’ll respond to some shades and hues, but not others. You’ll find yourself drawn to certain shades because they simply cheer you up, or feel elegant. Some colors will make you feel energized, and some will soothe you. It works with clothing, and it works with home décor.

You love your colors? Home’s the place to use them. Art that’s bright and bold, and rugs that are rich and vivid, can feel alive, ready for anything, and change a room completely. Or maybe you’re into clean, spare, simple neutrals that speak to your minimalist nature.

Cool seaside colors might give you that happy, relaxed calm feeling you get when you’re beachside. While browns and greys may help you feel warm and cozy on a winter’s day. A base of neutrals can actually work well for the color-lover who constantly embraces new ideas. Wall art can pull the feeling right into the space.

Start with neutrals, then go for it.

Add throw pillows, lamps, art, and statement rugs in fresh colors as the seasons shift or your eye discovers a fresh idea. Work your way from cool to sunny, bright to dark, as you like. Pop color into places where it’s unexpected (a mirror with a bright frame, a plush pillow in out-loud orange, a rug of saturated color that looks vintage). And remember: shiny gold and silver metallic tones change the mood with a little glam touch.

Furniture reflects our love of color, too. How about a stunning blue armchair right there? A furry or bright patterned throw to liven up a neutral chair?

Let your home become a painting with an expanded palette of options. Color adds drama: a room with a rich blue sofa, or a bright yellow lamp surprises the eye and delivers an unmistakable attitude of creativity and style.

Even small, single touches add some magic and fun, and make rooms uniquely your own. A home that’s really you is enhanced exponentially by the hues you love, because color does affect our mood and our happiness. The right home décor helps us define the atmosphere we’re trying to create to share with others.

Your “Really Hue” Checklist:

Lamps: the base’s color can provide a key accent to change everything

Rugs: color mixed with light-catching texture or materials delivers extra style

Throw pillows: pattern and color-rippled texture can change any room instantly

Chairs: in new colors and patterns, accent chairs can be the art” in your layout

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