7 Spring Wreaths You Won’t Find in Stores

You want your spring decorating to be beautiful, colorful, happy & easy. You also want it to be special—uniquely different from what seems to pop up nearly everywhere you look.


Here’s a solution as fresh as the season itself: we’re swinging open the door on our exclusive collection of 7 Spring Wreaths You Won’t Find in Stores (or anywhere but Grandin Road). Faux, but so natural looking, only smelling is believing. Hang your wreath now, leave it up all summer long, and relax… completely care-free.

Spring for them before they’re gone!

7 | Tulip Wreath

A beautiful, florist-fresh look featuring one of the season’s most beloved blooms.

Tulip Wreath

6 | Spring Morning Wreath

Inspired by the brightest part of the day & will look this gorgeous year after year.

Spring Morning Wreath

5 | Soft Vine Wreath

Versatile best value: just $99. Pairs perfectly with the rest of our Spring & Easter Decor.

Soft Vine Wreath

4 | Spring Blossom Wreath

Create joy. The exuberant bouquet of colors & exposed grapevine offer something extra.

Spring Blossom Wreath

3 | Floral Ombre Wreath

Designed especially for indoor display. A smile of pink, plus crisp white & bright fuchsia.

Floral Ombre Wreath

2 | Haley Hydrangea Wreath

A dramatic display of light & airy puffballs of petals, super popular with customers.

Hayley Hydrangea Wreath

1 | Blooming Blossom Wreath

Share beauty, from hello. This spring, everything’s coming up pink, and so pretty.

Blooming Blossom Wreath

Shop all of these Grandin Road exclusive wreaths and more Spring and Summer Greenery now.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lynn, and for your kind words! We’re so glad to hear that you love our Spring Wreaths!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re so glad to hear that you love our assortment of Spring Wreaths this year!

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