Front Porch Makeover: European Café Charm

Look at your front porch as a real opportunity to express yourself. The potential of this space is the way you’ll introduce your personal style to the world. Front porch decor is the new frontier in home style.

With this in mind, our Grandin Road designers and stylists came up with ideas for turning the front porch into a welcoming outdoor room with a fun, free-spirited sense of identity. Our first front porch decorating makeover incorporated some relaxed genteel elegance.

Ooh la languid. European café influences make our European Cafe Charm porch makeover idea a very appealing one when we update it with impactful color.

Designed to look like the seating you’d find in an outdoor Parisian café, these curvy Monet Collection pieces have a black-and-white rattan weave accented with a frame that has the look of bamboo, but is wonderfully faux. Also in our outdoor room, the use of bold pink adds updated sophistication infused with a modern femininity.

The playful selection of accent pieces promotes a creative, “mismatched casual” vibe. We mix the rattan-weave pieces with a gleaming black wood Lily Console Table, and pair that with the look of a geometrically textured ceramic stool table (patterned a bit like embossed detailing on a china cup). Result: a very individualized design filled with fun before your guests ever step through the front door. C’est vrai: why go inside on a balmy afternoon, when you can entertain here?

To note, if you’re trying this at home:  The porch dimensions are 28’ long by 12’ deep. We used only about half of that space to create the looks, which would be an area that was 12’- 14’ long x 12’ deep.

Shop the look for everything you need to recreate the charm at home.


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