Front Porch Makeover: Sweetest Escape

Add fresh, soothing color to your porch and outdoor time becomes even more magically relaxing.

It’s so easy to spend time in this happy summer setting.

Inspired by the elegantly sculpted lines of trellis designs from a formal garden, our classic Luciana® outdoor hardwood furniture is updated with fresh colors. Now you’re ready for sweet tea anytime.

We liked adding a yellow metal table to our Sweetest Escape porch, to add a sunny pop of retro fun (note the gently scalloped edges and curved pedestal design). The feeling is echoed by a small wood side table, painted pristine summery white.

Tip: pairing a drum table with this small classic, white, four-legged side table adds just the right touch of whimsy to the setting, and forms a centered table grouping that you can also use in other ways when you entertain.

A colorful Watersound Outdoor Rug pulls the look neatly together, in updated, artfully designed stripes. A floral rug would play up the sense of romance for another look; for this design, we just liked the way updated stripes give a modern push to the classic latticework and crown tops of the seating. Off to the side, we placed a gold-and-white planter with a metallic gleam, underlining the idea that this is a feminine jewel-box of a porch. (Always have some fun with a whimsical touch to make your look more personal. Pillows with a soft floral print are the pretty finish for this relaxing retreat.

Shop this look, and create your own wonderful escape.

To note, if you’re trying this at home:  The porch dimensions are 28’ long by 12’ deep. We used only about half of that space to create the looks, which would be an area that was 12’- 14’ long x 12’ deep.

Ready to try out our idea for a wonderful porch escape? If you do, please share the photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We love seeing where your creativity takes you when you start with one of our ideas, and then apply your own fresh ideas to the look.

  1. Do you have a phone number I could call to order things? I don’t like to put my credit card number on line…………dee dobbs

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