How to Use Artificial Plants Indoors

Our realistic-looking, very well-made artificial plants, flowers, and indoor greenery are a great way to accent your favorite spaces. Because they’re manmade works of wonder. So there’s no worry about care. No need for watering. Natural light isn’t needed. You don’t have to think about their survival while you’re out of town on vacation.

indoor artificial plant grouping with ottoman

Looks real, right? That’s why faux is fun.

It’s a pop of green the easy way.

Because faux plants make any space feel like an extension of the outdoor world, they bring a sense of peace indoors. Place your faux plants wherever you want them, even in windowless, sunless rooms, and enjoy the soothing harmony of leaves and flowers.

You can do all this:

  • Vary your plants anytime. Because artificial plants can be stored when not in use, it’s simple to swap out styles and species for a new look whenever you want.
  • Have a tree in the house! Trees offer both space-filling height and extra presence. In terms of creating atmosphere, they’re as calming as they are dramatic.
  • Add a botanical design to accent any surface. For consoles and tables, think in terms of shapes. Like sculptural leaves, rounded fullness, or lacy, airy leafiness. Approach your plant use artfully.
  • Define the mood of any room or space. Because different greenery species can define a room.

Choose the perfect faux plants: our top picks.

Try these ideas from our Grandin Road faux greenery collection, where there’s always something new and wonderful to find:

For space-filling height (six to seven feet tall):

Fiddle Leaf Tree 31″ dia. x 5’H or 39″ dia. x 7’H

artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in living room scene

For drama:

Potted Cactus 12″ dia. and 39″H or 44″H

artificial cactus in basket next to leather chair

For soft, romantic leafiness:

Schefflera Plant 16-1/2″ dia. x 22″H

schefflera plant in decorative pot

Make it perfect with the right planter

In addition to being your artificial plant’s new home, the design of the planter you select can add extra color, texture and pattern to the style of your space.

Faux greenery can add to the look of your outdoor spaces, too, for same reason: perpetual beauty and absolute ease. For a few more ideas, read Decorating with Today’s Amazing Faux Greenery & Artificial Plants.

  1. I love real and faux plants! Faux plants allow me to place plants on bookshelves where no natural light comes in or in a darkened hall that only has a large mirror to reflect light. Real plants thrive in light…that’s where they grow best.

    1. That’s a great tip, Emma! We agree – styling with faux greenery offers a lot of flexibility!

  2. Great ideas for indoor plants. My daughter is looking for a artificial tree/plant to use in a space she wants to fill in her home and add lights to it. Love these images and ideas. Thank you.

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