Will Taylor Q & A: Pick a Front Door Style

Lifestyle blogger and author Will Taylor talks with grandinroad about his design ideas for your front door using grandinroad products. We discussed themes, color choices, and more for three of his Will Taylor’s Picks: Nautical Chic. Colorful Classic, and Spring Fling.

Question from grandinroad: Why do you believe in doing something with the look of the front door of a home?

Will Taylor: Colorful doors are almost the originating point of the Bright Bazaar ethos (visit brightbazaarblog.com). Years ago, when I lived in the U.K., I would walk through London and see brightly colored doors in the city, and I loved how it sparked my imagination about the type of person who lived there. And a door makeover is a relatively small project and monetary commitment – just a can or two of paint. If you’re not ready to makeover a whole room in your home in a given color, you can express your love for it via your front door instead.

Q: How should I begin?

WT: You can think of a theme, as we did with these three doors. Or, you can start with the color you love; maybe you feel you really want a pink door, for example? There is no right or wrong way to approach it! “I want to make it represent me,” is the key. A theme you love or a color you are obsessed with – either can be your personal jumping-off point. Personally, I love all things nautical, it’s a classic look that is popular year after year, so I started there for my own front door.

Q: How creative can I get?

WT: You have the power! The option to customize the door and express the vibe of your home is about the idea that this is the elevator pitch for who you are and what you love. Let it do the talking before people even step inside! I believe in the “make-you-smile style” approach to décor – in other words, you should have as much fun decorating as you do living with it. Approach your door the same way you would decorate a room: all the elements (the door color, the hardware, the lighting, etc.) need to speak to each other in order to create a stylish final look.

Q: Tell us about your Nautical Chic door.

WT: I love a nautical theme, and the idea of living by the beach – that was what inspired this door. I chose the Braided Rope Wreath with its wonderfully textured knotting and depth. I wanted it to stand out and know that on a light door it would look less impactful; we wanted it to “jump off” the door and have the texture really ‘shout.’ The deep navy paint color allows the wreath to do this because it not only plays into the nautical story, but it also makes the wreath pop, too. The Monogram Mat we chose adds an element of sophistication to the front door. I think when you have a theme, you never want it to look too trite or overly done. This nautical look has a subtle traditional vibe, which I like. The brass anchor door knocker ties into the theme, too. Brass is always a fantastic look, especially against a dark backdrop such as this.


Q: What makes a theme like the Colorful Classic door work?

WT: For this look, I wanted to create a really classic and traditional looking door. When you design a front door, you want to consider the whole package – when you pick the paint color for the door, you want to consider what doormat will work with it, what lighting options will coordinate with the look, and so on. Essentially, you need to approach it the same way you’d approach decorating a room to ensure all the elements talk to each other. This is a classic door with a lion door knocker – but what works here is that there’s a slight looseness to it. The Spring Morning Wreath stops that classic front door look from being too formal, or too buttoned-up. That’s what I like – it’s still classic and tasteful but doesn’t feel like you wouldn’t want to step inside. It’s just a nice way to loosen it; the wreath and lion knocker play well against each other on the dark door. The Lucas Urn and the Lucas Low Planter, with their shape and form, play well with the traditional story, as does adding the Emery Monogram Mat, which fits well with the classic vibe.


Q: The Spring Fling door looks so cheery.

WT: This is a playful door and it feels seasonally appropriate – even with the very gray and dull outside (of the structure), this speaks to the excitement of spring and fresh colors. I love the vibe in this one because it feels very upbeat, with a feeling of happiness and optimism. The Lola Outdoor Mat is really nice here, it anchors the pink by grounding it and tying it into the space, which is important because there’s so much white around it: it pulls the eye down. That Boxwood Monogram Letter hanging on the door is my favorite. It’s graphic and unexpected – it’s such a fun way to personalize a front door. And remember, if you love pink and want a hot pink door, have a hot pink door – decorate in whatever way makes you smile. You have the design power!

  1. For the colorful classic door what exact paint colors were used to create the blueish-green door and white trim? I would love to paint our front door the same! Please and thank you in advance.

    1. Allison – Unfortunately we do not have the exact color of the door, as this photo was taken at an individuals’ home. What we recommend: take this photo to your local paint or hardware store and ask them to try to match. Hope this helps!

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