Mystical Halloween is a Natural: 5 Reasons

It’s alive. Watch and enter a magical realm where the dead (or undead) and the living exist side-by-side, in hauntingly beautiful harmony. Mystical Halloween is simply out of this world.

Your conception of decorating turned inside out

Mystical Halloween blurs the line between indoors and outdoors, with an abundance of verdant botanicals that grow in and around furnishings and architectural details. Skeletons and mummies lurk in the shadows. There’s a lingering mist… an unearthly aura. In the end, a profusion of candles and lanterns give this garden of frightful fantasy an eerie glow.

Join us in the Halloween Haven library, as we turn the page on ordinary black and orange and browse some chillingly easy tricks for bringing a taste of our mysterious otherworld home.

1.  Eye-hand coordination: grab them

Startlingly simpler than it looks. A unique use of both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Creepy Hands with Lanterns on the wall, Potted Hands on the table. Embellish with lots of eyeballs, candles, and greenery. Captivating—they can’t look away.

2.  No need to go out on a limb

Say, crafting a monster-sized Mystical display makes you shudder. Our Tree Face and Arms, quickly attached to any mature tree, creates a towering impression, in a wickedly short time, all on its own. Try it indoors, too, mounted to a wall. We wood.

3.  Get into your work

Dressing up taken beyond… incorporating colors and creative elements from the surrounding décor into your costume really brings the scene to life. Cape of faux leaves and moss layered over neutral garments. Embellish with organic elements, like butterflies and beads, and you’re on! We think Mystical becomes you.

4.  DIY to die for

…anytime of year. Canning jars or other clear glass vessels filled with sand and battery-operated tealights or votives. Suspend from natural fiber rope, or place on a table, and you’ve brought the scene to light. Spirited idea with a high satisfaction level.

5.  Stage a disappearing act

Just when guests think they’ve seen it all, they witness this ill-fated maiden in the last moments of her decent to the underworld. Easy and awe-inspiring, indoors or out. Going, going, gone.

Try some new tricks, this autumn, and have the neighborhood turning green with envy. More designer-inspired than devilish-and-dark, Mystical is an attractive way to rise from the depths of traditional Halloween décor boredom. The spirits say you’ll stir up something spooktacular—and we want to see it! Share your creation on Instagram and Facebook; tag it #grandinroad. Happy haunting.

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