Trend Alert: Spooky Halloween Circus

Come one, come all. Click play, and pull back the curtain on the most strangely beautiful show on earth. You’ve never been moved by a spectacle like Cirque Halloween before.

This year, your most oddly enchanting Halloween ever

Cirque is a captivating, dark carnival of Halloween decorating. Highly spirited, eye-catching oddities are blended with a fascinating array of found objects. Rich black, red, and white hues dominate the scene, while graphic harlequin and polka dot patterns create added drama. Candles and tent [OK, string] lights give this startlingly colorful show an eerie glow.

Creep up to the Halloween Haven attic with us. We’ll dig up some amazingly easy tricks for bringing a fun taste of the haunted circus to your home.

1.  Oh, yes, you can-can

Don’t be afraid… there’s no need for a piano to take it over the top with a dance line of our life-size Witch Legs. A table, low shelf—even the floor—will do. Kick it up. Makes a bold and whimsical focal point.

2.  Now appearing in the center ring… you

Right after you DIY the daylights out of these eye-catching pedestals. For displaying all sorts of curiosities. We repurposed some tag sale washtubs, but nearly any object with the basic shape will do. It’s all about the design: white ground, graphic red pennant pattern. Perhaps a shoe-polish patina to give it a time-worn appearance? Get crafty.

3.  Dress your rats to thrill

[picture your creative choice of rib-tickling, circus-inspired attire here]

4.  The more the scarier

“My Skellie-rina is out of this world, but I really want to make a show-stopping impact.” Consider a whole company. Multiples—of any Halloween decor item, really—instantly multiply the fascination factor for every example added.

5.  Just the ticket

Adding a simple accessory or two to customize an item makes it perfect for the occasion. Position Bernard prominently at your display entrance to create a lively greeting for guests. Where do you locate admission tickets? A craft store or the web—of course.

6.  Time for a professional’s touch

Striking Tick Tock Wreath runs rings around anything less wickedly well designed. Just hang it up and your entire audience will be charmed. It’s always showtime.

7.  Everyone enjoys a fright snack

A decor idea so good, you can taste it. Keep patrons satisfied and add to the ambience simultaneously. Freshly popped popcorn, in iconic striped bags, are great pick-me-ups spread throughout the space.

Really fun, huh? And there’s absolutely nothing to fear—this is merely inspiration. Truly, it’s all about your home, your creative imagination, your guest list. No need to try and recreate every dreaded detail. Sink your teeth into a handful of our ideas, then stir up something magical that says you. Simply dying to see it! Share your creation on Instagram and Facebook; tag it #grandinroad.

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