Glam Halloween: A Visual Feast

Décor that sparkles. Dig in, and enter a space of ominous allure held as a deep, dark secret until now. Glam Halloween is a mouthwatering mix of designer-inspired spookiness and style.

New fare for your affair

Take the decorating for your spine-tingling celebration or dinner to the next level. It’s all about layering. Skeletons lurk everywhere… but the magic happens when complementing adornments are brought into the picture. Gold and silver metallics (and lots of other shiny curiosities) are softened with richly pigmented florals. Fog is thick along the floor, and an abundance of candles casts the entire room in an otherworldly glow.

Join us in the hall of feasts for a full menu of eerily easy tips to bring a taste of the glamorous… romantic… and tantalizingly goth to your haunt, this Halloween.

1.  Bone-ifide embellishment

Dress your skeletons to kill. A ring here, hat there… there are no rules, so rummage through the attic or basement, and see what sort of high-spirited accessories you can dig up. We bet you’re a frightfully talented personal stylist.

2.  It’s OK to get carriaged away

It’s Glam, after all! Once you believe you may have taken things a step too far, there’s a good chance you’re dead on. Roll out the stunning Katherine’s Collection Carriage and Jeweled Rat, an instant, show-stopping centerpiece. The thrills are in the details.

3.  Fascination at your feet

Remember to employ décor elements below table level for balance—this is a great way to do it. At the heart, our Gothic Romance foliage. Place in the Sidney Urn (trick: spray-painting a tag sale find works just fine), surround with designer pumpkins. Drop-dead gorgeous, indoors or out (covered area, please).

4.  No-brainer

You don’t have to search land and sea to add a trove of glimmer and shine to your setting. Stage a treasure chest tableau, present as party favors, or sprinkle throughout the entire scene. When it comes to Glam Halloween, it only makes sense to bone up.

5.  Romantic ending

Last in our handful of hints. No one said Halloween has to be scary—at all. If you think this image is just to die for, go for it! Fill your space entirely with the lighter side of the look (pumpkins, candles, florals), and don’t be startled if you’re still enjoying it in November.

Rich and highly detailed, Glam Halloween is a great way to stretch your décor legs, this fall. But remember, you do you—no need to reach to the farthest dimension to enjoy a little allure in your decorating. Start small, stop when you get chills. Whatever you do, share it on social. Instagram and Facebook; tag #grandinroad.

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