Why Big Art is Big

There are times when the sheer impact capacity of a piece of art with broader…

Creating an expressive room

Creating an expressive room is important, because the idea of home should be about expressing yourself. The point of using indoor décor accents to find ways to represent who you are. That’s…

For Fun: Mirror Feng Shui

According to Greek mythology, a river with a very reflective surface got Narcissus, the handsome son of a god and a nymph, into a lot of trouble. He fell in love with…

The Secret Lives of Chairs

When we create a fabulous accent chair, we design it impeccably. We choose the perfect upholstering material and kiln-dried hardwood, and mix in some attitude. It is, after all, a Grandin Road…

mid-century furniture

Mid-Century Modernista

  If you like minimalism, the idea of sleek city cocktail hour glamour, or what has been called “the elegance of refusal”—meaning, living with a few clean-lined, handsomely crafted, timeless pieces in a…

ez bed

Create a Guest Room Anywhere with EZ Bed

From a surprise “We’re staying!” to comfy guest room in…

Wilma Witch

Spellbinding: Animated Wilma Witch with Broom

Hypnotizing. Our life-sized Animated Wilma Witch actually casts wicked spells…

Guest Room Checklist: 5 Easy Updates That Will Bring Visitors Back

A great hostess creates a guest room that’s as inviting…

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