Front Porch Makeover: One Porch, Three Sunny Ways

If you take a minute to look at your front porch as an opportunity to express yourself, everything changes. There’s real potential in this often under-used space. It’s the way you can…


Front Porch Makeover: Blue Crush Color Pop

Cooling down with fresh, crisp blues is kind of like a popsicle for the eyes. Can you hear the ocean? We admit that we love the energizing lift of blue furniture pieces…


Front Porch Makeover: Sweetest Escape

Add fresh, soothing color to your porch and outdoor time becomes even more magically relaxing. It’s so easy to spend time in this happy summer setting. Inspired by the elegantly sculpted lines of…


Front Porch Makeover: European Café Charm

Look at your front porch as a real opportunity to express yourself. The potential of this space is the way you’ll introduce your personal style to the world. Front porch decor is…


Indoor Rattan Furniture: A Natural Art Form

Why are we seeing more rattan furniture pieces used in indoor home design? “It is one of those ‘classic’ ideas that is being re-invented in interior today,” says our indoor furniture product manager.…

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3 Desks, 3 Ways

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